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Quite a few things, actually.

  • Justin Beiber. People my age thinking a kid who looks like he's 11 is hot... is borderline perverted o.o
  • Miley Cirus. Self Explanatory.
  • Twilight. Oh, these books are so awful in so many ways that I don't even know where to begin...
  • Anime. Woah woah woah now. I don't mean all anime. I just mean anime with little point or progression whatsoever, or filled with tons a filler. Y'know, the popular stuff. Biggest offenders - Bleach, One Piece, Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, Evangalion...
  • Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon. A lot of people like the new shows on these channels... God knows why.
  • Converting Everyone Who's Not Christian. This is quite prevalent in my own life, where I'm told blatantly that I'll go to hell because I'm Jewish. Hrm, good thing that hell doesn't exist...
  • Silly Bands. Dear god, do I have to explain this?
  • Japan. Now, not all of Japan - I did live there for a year, after all. I just mean how people get so freakishly obsessive over the country that they want to reject their own selves and pretend to be Japanese, even though their impression of Japan is completely distorted.
  • COD. It's... not really that great imho. lol
  • Sarah Palin. Now this one mainly applies to older adults in my community (yes, I befriend those outside of my agegroup egad), but you know, she doesn't accurately represent Republicans, Conservatives or Women. Just stupid hicks in Alaska.
I'll think of others later...