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    Thanks for the comment Brandon, I agree with you about the clips, they have been removed from the game (cut-scenes will replace all of these).
    I have posted screenshots of the 3d-ish engine that the game will be using, the engine was updated to an acceptable developing standard for this project and I'm re-making the current demo in this new engine.

    Ok so the update, I finished the base floor (25 textures and heightmaps) and started on the second level in the most complex corner (for some reason).. I've finished the texture and heightmap after some issues with pixel heights for the starting corner of the 2nd floor. But I have been very sick with the flu for nearly 2 weeks so I haven't done much else..
    Anyway, there will be a screenshot coming soon :p

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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