Thread: 4th Gen Lugia or Ho-Oh?
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    It's kind of a mix for me, hard to pick one. Lugia has been my companion since Silver, and SS as well, it's one of my favorites. I like the typing on this pokemon as well, but I might have originally liked this pokemon because it looked like a water type, one of my favorite types back then. I remember watching the anime and Lugia's few appearances. It always seemed so angry, and I remember yelling at the TV for Lugia to stop raging at the good people rather than the bad.

    As for Ho-oh, I like Lugia's design and typing better, as Ho-oh's seems kind of messed up, but my vote goes to Ho-oh, simply because of its appearances in the anime, particularly the first. I remember watching that episode, and Ho-oh seemed really cool to me, flying over all gold and sparkly. So yeah, Ho-oh gets my vote for this.
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