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    Just some research on high #flags.

    I have always used flags in the 1000's for my hacking, until tajaros showed me this post:

    In it, it states that flags above 900 overwrite variables from 4000 up. I have never had a problem with flags in the 1000's so I did some investigating.

    I wrote a script that would set all of the flags from 900 to 11FF and then did some variable comparing. I checked variables 4000 to 4380 (the var that flag 1000 should affect, if this was true, since flags are 1 byte while vars are 2) and I found that only vars 4000-408F were affected. Nothing higher. I even checked a few variables like 5000, 4400, and 4500, all to receive that same result. None higher than 408F were affected.

    This brings me to my question. Why? I know that flags 900 to A22 are completely off limits by the above research, but what about the rest? Where are they stored? Either vars 4090+ are stored in a non-DMA location or the flags above A22 aren't stored with the rest. Does anyone know anything about these high number flags?

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