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    Originally Posted by shadow ripper View Post
    no tutorial to create a forest :(
    I wouldn't say anything about this, but still, a forest is typically a route without houses or much mountains. Make it fully grassy and lots of trees around them. Not mountains but caves are acceptable :P .

    Originally Posted by MunchingOrange's #1 Fan View Post
    ok two questions
    1 how do you put the trees water and other stuff in the map? like what program or whatever?
    2 how do you put it in the rom???
    The program used can be EliteMap or AdvanceMap, preferably LU-HO's AdvanceMap since its easier to use... just change the map with the blocks at the right and click "File --- Save" and its done. You might think "why wasn't that explained in the tutorial?" Read what's below to find out.

    About the "tut"... yeah its nice, but not for beginners. Here are a few reasons why:

    • It does not say anything about warps.
    • Movement permissions are not explained.
    • Nothing is said about weather etc.

    I understand why as well, this tutorial's target is to make your maps natural and fabulous but not the gameplay effects. It focuses on the way you should map, not how it comes when you play.

    Sorry if this has been said earlier, but you forgot to add that "GYM" signpost in front of the gym in the "towns" section of the tutorial.

    This tutorial helped me a lot, a huge thanks to the owner of this thread.

    All I've got to say,
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