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    This looks like a promising project. I have a bit of input. In the pictures, the autotile I see used for the dirt path appear to be the FR/LG ones that come with Essentials. This wouldn't be a problem if you used only FR/LG style tiles, but you are mainly using newer generation tiles. This and the tall grass tiles you used in the first image are also FR/LG style. I'd suggest using Kyledove's dirt autotile, and his tall grass tiles, since they would complement the complete area better (PM me if you need these).

    I am liking your region map's position of routes and towns. My game primarily forces people to go one way, but this looks interesting, as it is a branching map. I also like how you created an original prologue, by this I mean how the player gets his Pokemon. Almost everyone here uses the same old "it's your (insert age here)th birthday and professor (insert witty professor name here) will give you a choice of three Pokemon:, and I'm tired of seeing that, so I'm glad you changed it up. Finally, I would like to wish you some luck. I have worked with several Pokemon fan game projects on RMXP and have gained vast experience. I have had a few failed projects. Most projects don't get finished, unfortunately. I hope that you stick with it and if you need any help with something, let me know.
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