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    Wyatt "Wyvern" Leon Bellerose
    Wyatt agreed to the idea of having a battle. For a minute he thought , now was a chance to redeem himself but he cast the thoughts of his loss earlier aside and thought of this less seriously. Before he even confirmed to participating in the battle he cleared his throat then shouted with a clear voice: "NEPTUNE!!!!"

    The Totodile submerged far from the coast and came surfing on a wave at a high speed, skidding across the water in a fashion similar to a jetski. "I've got no problem with a friendly battle if Evie is in for it." He looked at Orange and Jay with a competitive grin, glad that the mood had lightened up. As soon as he finished the mentioned sentence, Neptune came sailing across the water until it was shallow enough for him to walk in. The Totodile waddled over to Wyatt's position. Wyatt looked over in Evie's direction. "You want to do this? I'm interested in seeing you battle?" he said to her as he walked over to her holding out his hand for a high five for confirmation.

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