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    Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
    Hi Everyone! just a small question (not sure whether this is the right place to post this or not) about the RNG guide. I don't understand steps 8 and 9 of capturing flawless shinies.
    Right now, I'm just aiming for flawless, so i am skipping the shininess. what i am doing
    is this: find the seed in time finder (wild pokemon, encounter slot any, gen 5 Ivs standard)
    then say my seed is 6:00:50, I set my ds time to 6:00, hit set when my computer clock
    second rolls over to :00. then, as i am using a 3ds, i boot the game at 6:00:42, (8 secs before target time) hold down my keypresses, don't load the C-Gear, immediately hit X, go to the party, and use Sweet Scent. (my seed is on frame 1) However, the pokemon i get never has the ivs i wanted. Any help?

    (sorry about the wall of text)
    Hi ;) I guess you should check if the date is right, PIDRNG and/or Keypresses.

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