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    Originally Posted by nomi1993a View Post
    OMG the new update is looking epic, and 1 more thing i would like to ask that have u addet 4th and 5th generation moves. . . If u already did than its owsome. Otherwise the game is looking absolutly engaging thanx keep up the hard work
    Thank you!
    Unfortunately I didn't work on any Pokemon data whatsoever or attacks yet, since that isn't my priority right now.
    I'm moreconcentrating to replace needed graphics and new scripts.
    But if I wont add new moves etc in this alpha I'm sure I'll do it in beta 1.

    Originally Posted by Atomic Hero View Post
    Will there be Dragon/Bug types. If so ask Obliveon if you can use his dragon/bug type in his pokedex. You should check it out here's a link

    www . pokecommunity . com / showthread . php ? t = 298284

    Remove the spaces I don't have enough posts to do links.
    Sorry but I didn't really bother to remove the spaces to check the fakemons you've mentioned, as I wont add any fakemons.
    You have to be happy with official ones, if I add 1 fakemon i'll make a whole fakedex to make sense, which would take maybe 3-4 years to make them fully implementable.

    Originally Posted by yellow123 View Post
    great and beautiful hack you are working on here love the fact that you are always trying to give us updates each week to keep us updated on your progress. Love the moving animation you have in the forest it makes it more realistic than for everything to be still and also love your Pokemon center probably one of the best ones I've seen in all the hacks I've played keep it up! :)
    I actually like keeping it updated :>
    Also thanks alot, its nice you're liking what we guys did here since we are enjoying making it alot! :>
    I hope you all will too.

    Originally Posted by MiauHunter View Post
    I'm so excited by it. I hope you soon bring out an alpha, that we can try out. Also I hope its ok when someone like me doing a Let's Play about ur Game, even its an Alpha. Of course with your permission. But judging by the pictures of it u let us expecting a hack, on which we can all be excited. ;)
    Thank man!
    Also I didn't know that you need the permission to make Let's Plays XD
    Anyways go ahead sure!
    And yeah the release of the alpha went kind off down alot because of the absense of the scripter, but I'll get to that sooner or later.
    Too bad I don't like to say any date, otherwise it might make people spam this thread if I won't be able to get it done by then.

    Update: Almost there!

    Almost need just scripting for alpha 1! :>

    Bye ~Anbuja