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    Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
    Here are just comments to peoples comments, if you wish to read them go ahead.
    If not skip this spoiler.

    Its nice to hear that you are liking this, but I never mentioned any bugs yet :<

    I'm rooting too, I'm very exited to play myself through it too

    Was good? I thought it is kind off :p
    Unfrotunately I won't be able to implement all 649 existing pokemon(not counting VI) but there will be a few here and there.

    I wouldn't call myself tile master or anything but if you think I'm decent then thanks :p
    Yeah already changed just that I edited the people first :>
    I'll try to make it as cool as possible in my opinion, I hope you that things that are cool for me are for you also :p

    Oh thanks, its really nice to see people are liking what I do :)

    Thanks really much mate err!

    Yes I'm back! :>
    It's nice to see you back too!

    Thanks I hope it will be up to your expections :>

    Not really, they aren't even on the possitions to do anything, I mgiht get some that will do some though

    Yeah I know...thinking back what all we got through...just amazing!
    Yeah you can say that it looks now better then it used to look like, time does it all :>
    The animation was our original idea, its in the 2000 VM's somewhere deep inside ;p
    Since we both are like tiler&map buddys and are the biggest rivals I do give alot of importanc what you say, so thanks bro alot. I've missed you all alot.
    I've already fixed some of the mentioned stuff, just with the interiors I'm kind of not finished yet D:
    Also I'll try to fix alot of stuff and test it all myself so it'll work out before I release anything :)

    Me neither, it will take alot of time though :<

    Hello guys and gals!
    How'd you've been?

    It got sometime since I last posted anything here, and I'm really sorry that I can't show more often some things.

    Tbh I was expecting to release today the alpha but it is just not ready yet, so you all have to wait some more D:

    I won't set any release date since I probably won't be able to get it done so pls don't be mad at me.

    Since it is my birthday today I cant let you get off this thread empty handed so I'll show you just 2 screens of the new Mayuba City.

    The screens aren't really something amazing or anything, but I still hope you like it.

    Until next time

    Hahaha are u kiding? Those screen shots are looking owsome. . . And the tiles are stunning, which gives a glimpse of your hard work. . .keep it up just w8ing 4 the beta to come