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Okay, both C and D sounds fun not sure which one to choose lol I mean i've never been on a roller coaster, but one at elisa's gym could be pretty amusing....xD and all those costumes haha Hmn, now I feel tempted to pick D....

You are about to battle the world's most powerful trainer! What Pokemon would you want to fight them with?!

1. Choose Arceus, the God of Pokemon. The victory would be too easy, but THINK OF THE POWER!,

2. Choose Pikachu or Sylveon or something else cute. Yes, maybe it could make the battle harder, but FEAR THE CUTIES!!!,

3. Choose Lucario. He could use his aura reading to read all the oponents moves, may make for an interesting battle...


4. Choose Mewtwo or Mew. Classic power houses, Arceus has nothin' on them.
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