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I was about to riot when I read we could only pick just one of these majestic treasures, and then jumped in joy upon seeing choice (e). Thank Arceus! Forget everything else, the true essentials are right here!! ^_^_^_^

You have just been kicked out of the Pokémon Center for riding your bicycle indoors! What will you do?

(a) Ride your bike back into the Pokémon Center, because why not?
(b) Scream "OBJECTION" from outside the Pokémon Center's window.
(c) Forget about this silly Pokémon Center. You can always ride your bike into a different one, yeah? ;)
(d) File a lawsuit right away. No one tells you where you can and can't ride your bike.

"I'm thinking of you as we leap to seize our dreams.
Your light guides me, like clovers swaying across the meadow.
Our clustering wishes will shine fervently for the rest of eternity."

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