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What's going on in Pokémon General?

Hello, PC folk! Whether you're a Pokémon General regular or you hang around other parts of the forum, be sure to check out the newest installment of our semi-irregularly scheduled series, "What Would You Do?" If you're not sure how this series works, we give you a Pokemon related scenario, and then we ask you just one question at the end- what would you do? Simple enough, right?

This time around you're a hot shot trainer with a big decision to make. If you're interested, be sure to click on the link below, and let us know (say it with me)... what would you do??

WWYD Scenario XI - Heir, Apparently

Every single one of our other WWYD threads can be found below, so if you're a bit behind, let us know what you'd do in these scenarios, too!
Scenario I - What an ill-timed shiny Pokemon encounter!
Scenario II - Do you trust them?
Scenario III - suddenly real
Scenario IV - Glory, or not?
Scenario V - Peaceful Explorer?
Scenario VI - Gyms or Contests?
Scenario VII - A Precarious Decision!
Scenario VIII - An Act of Betrayal
Scenario IX - A Petrifying Situation
Scenario X - An Illegal Delicacy
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