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The Celestia Region. Home to unique people and Pokemon. The region is rumored to have been formed by the Lunar duo Cresselia and Darkrai. The legend says that Cresselia and Darkrai created Celestia as a place were light and dark can co-exist peacefully, after creating the region both Cresselia and Darkrai chose separate places in the region to sleep, awaiting the time the region would need them again. Ever since it's creation Celestia has remained a closed region not letting outsiders in, and being unkind to those who leave the regions shores. But things are changing in the region, the number of youth that wish to become Pokemon trainers is at an all time low, all of the youth are leaving the region to travel in regions like Kanto and Unova. In fact in the year 2013 only one trainer from Celestia wished to start her journey. A first for this happy region. It has finally been decided to open the region to seven young trainers from the other regions to travel through the region collecting the 8 badges along with the one native from Celestia. If it goes well then the region will open to all. Some of the people in the region are happy with this change, others not so much.

Upon hearing that the region was going to allow seven youth from other regions in to collect the badges a group was formed. This group Team Lunara does not wish for things in Celestia to change. They will do whatever it takes to keep the youth from succeeding. Even if that means awakening the slumbering legendary Pokemon Cresselia and Darkrai and controlling them to gain control of the region.

Chapter 1: Arrival in Celestia

spot number 1 on the map. Aurora Town: The starting town in Celestia. This is where your journey starts. This small port-town holds a Pokemon Center, a Poke-mart, several houses, as well as Professor Solaria's lab. The time you arrive is 8 in the morning

Catch-able Pokemon- None

What you can do- Arrive in Celestia.
Receive your Starter and a trainer kit (5 pokeballs, 5 potions, 1 pokedex) from Professor Solaria.
Create NPCs and interact with other characters.
Move on to Route 1.

What you can't do- Battle NPC's or other players

Pokemon Professor
Professor Solaria and her Swellow
Professor Solaria is a very kind old woman.She cares deeply for Pokemon and trainers and wants to do whatever it takes for Celestia. She has great pride in her pupil, Amanda and will recommend to all new trainers to find the young girl if they want to learn anything about Celestia.

Mysterious people in Orange
There is 1 female blocking the entrance to Mercury City her hair is brown in color and she has an undetermined number of Pokemon that at this point will greatly out level yours.
There is 1 male blocking the entrance to Mercury City his hair is blonde in color and he has an undetermined number of Pokemon that at this point will greatly out level yours.

Route 1.

a small route between Aurora Town and Mercury City. Takes about 6 hours to travel

What you can do- Battle NPC trainers/other players
Catch Pokemon (Since I am the GM I will randomly ask another player to determine if I catch a Pokemon or not)

What you can't do- Enter Mercury City, mysterious people in orange outfits are blocking the entrance.
you can not challenge those blocking the Mercury City Entrance

This chapter will last for two weeks. Until then you can only be in Aurora Town and Route 1.

Catch-able Pokemon.

All catch-able Pokemon will be between the levels of 10 and 12. The quality of your post determines if you catch a Pokemon and what level it is.

Badge Cases/Character Teams.
Amanda Miller

Pamela Oxford

Kenneth Barol

Trent Rift

Tyler Frates

Sakura Hinamori

Danielle Marriott

Yuri Welkin / Koukan