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Amanda Miller

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Two hours before the arrival of the other trainers

"Good Morning Professor!" Amanda called out cheerfully as she entered the Pokemon Lab in Aurora Town. Looking around she spotted Professor Solaria's Swellow eating Pokemon Food, and Professor Solaria looking over the things needed for the day. The Professor in her own world. "Professor!" Amanda called out again shaking her head fondly.

"Oh!" Professor Solaria cried out turning around. "I'm sorry Amanda, are you ready for today?" Professor Solaria asked picking up one of the eight Pokeballs.

"Yes Professor I'm so excited" Amanda said happily taking the Pokeball from the Professor.

"I know you are deary." Solaria chuckled. "Now you know what I want of you right Amanda?"

"Of course Professor. I'm to offer guidance to the other trainers throughout this journey. Any questions they have I will answer and I will be there to help them" Amanda said picking up one of the trainer kits and picking up a pink badge case. "I'm also to continue my research while I travel. Learn as much as I can about the legend of Darkrai And Cresselia"

"What else Amanda?" Solaria asked as the two put on their lab coats.

"I'm also to continue our research on Pokemon and how training can affect them. I will observe my Pokemon. The others Pokemon, and pretty much any other Pokemon trainers I see"

"Exactly." Solaria praised smiling at her. "just keep doing what your doing and in a few years once I retire this lab will be all yours. Now let's get to work we have about two hours before the others arrive"

Present Time

Amanda smiled as she entered her house. "Dad you here!" she called out.

"In the kitchen Princess!" her fathers voice called back and Amanda smiled. Walking into the kitchen Amanda smiled seeing her dad packing some baked pastries into her bag. "Do you really have to go Mandy. I'm not ready for you to leave home yet"

"Dad I'll call every day" Amanda smiled taking her bag from her father who pouted.

"You promise?" he asked.

"Of course, I will dad" Amanda smiled hugging her father. "I'll call you once I get to Mercury City ok?"

"okay Princess. I love you" her father said as Amanda started toward the door.

"I love you too Daddy" Amanda smiled at her father before waving and walking out of her house. Alright. Let's see if I can find any of the new trainers.