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Pamela Oxford

Items? What items? Hehehe....

Setting foot on this island with the so called "unique" people and pokemon was pretty tedious. Not only was there barely anybody outside and the weather was too bright, but she already missed her Pokemon. Even so, she liked the vacant feeling to the place... just like Pamela likes it.

The Poke-Mart looked the same as ever, and the houses here seemed to have green roofs and plenty of decorations throughout their windows. It made them look bright and happy. Everything in town, including the Pokemon Center, looked as good as new. Pretty impressive for a region most didn't really want to visit... or that's what she heard.

The teen made her way through the town, adjusting the bag under her jacket so that it fit perfectly on the nook of her shoulder. With the hot sun beaming down on her, she started to walk a bit faster. It wasn't long before she found a building that MUST be the Professor's lab. Relieved, she opened the door and slipped inside. Letting go of the doors for them to close by themselves, she was surprised to see not only the Professor, but... a Swellow? She wasn't a big fan of birds, but of course it's not like it was somebody she didn't like.

"Oh, I see you're the first trainer to arrive!" the kind lady smiled. "Are you ready for today?"

"Yeah, I guess," the teen responded rather vaguely, not knowing how to respond to that. She approached the old woman, who was holding a Pokeball. A smile erupted from Pamela's face, excited to finally receive a new Pokemon to bond with and talk to.

"Oh, and don't forget these too!" the Professor kept holding the ball in one hand as she attempted to collect the other items with her other hand. Pamela watched as she struggled, feeling rather awkward. The Swellow stood there, watching over the black-haired teen girl. "Also, let me introduce myself! I'm Professor Solaria!"

"Good to know... I'm Pamela. Pamela Oxford," she forced herself to say her name, not wanting to be rude to somebody who was trying to be kind to her. "Is this all I need?" she asked. The Professor nodded, handing her the items; 5 Pokeballs, 5 potions, and a purple pokedex... her favorite color. Without hesitating she opens the bag behind her, underneath her jacket of course, and throws the items inside except for the Pokeball. She keeps it firmly in her left hand. "Thank you." The Professor waved, making her lift her hand to wave back.

Right as she exited the lab, she caught a glimpse of another girl. Her blonde hair and tan skin matched with her white and pink clothing scheme. Although she wasn't a big fan of bright colors, she didn't mind it. Not wanting to really start a conversation, she quickly turned, hoping the girl didn't notice her. She kept walking until she reached a clearing.

"I wonder how you'll end up...cute thing," she mumbled as she threw the Pokeball up. Opening, it let out a dazzling red light. It materialized Azurill? "Azurill... eh? Not bad. If you weren't cute, I would have sighed. Welcome to the party."

"Azu azu!" it squeaked, making Pamela smile. She kneeled down and patted her new friend on the head, causing the blue creature to squeak some more.

"Not now but later, we'll see what you're made of, kay?"


"Oh my god why do you have to be so fact, you don't have to be in a Pokeball at all. You're pretty small right now, why not sit on my head or something?" she offered, but the blue creature looked horrified. Instead, Azurill jumped over to her shoulder and pointed at the Pokeball with her tail.

"Azu azu! Zu zu!"

"Alright, fiiine... don't blame me if it's very dark in there." The Azurill simply smiled and jumped about, causing Pamela to smile as she returned the Pokemon to her original Pokeball. Standing up, she glanced at the red and white ball. "I should give you a, let's make it up. Nana seems nice... yep. Let's call you Nana." With that thought out, she throws the ball into her bag and takes out her Pokedex. Wanting it in an easy access, she put it into her pocket.

Ready and set, she walked out and leaned against the Pokemon Center, wanting to see who were the other trainers. Surely she wasn't the only one to get a starter, right? Pamela didn't stand there to see who would be friends or how they looked... but to see who she might be going against. Perhaps they were all stronger-looking? Naive? Serious? Short-tempered? Anything can help her in the future in case she were to go against them. However... she wouldn't mind making some friends... but of course, she's not the type to go approach first. It's way out of her comfort zone. Besides... she has Nana now.

So nobody thought she was creepy, she sat down and let out Nana once more, who happily squeaked. She started to bounce on her tail, serving as entertainment for Pamela. This way, people won't really think she's... observing them. Also, she gets to spend some quality time with her starter.

Enjoy the hamster... love the hamster...
embrace it.