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Sakura Hinamori

Sakura sighed as she finally arrived at the Professor's lab. "We could have taken the jet, but nooo. Mom and Dad didn't want me to make a scene." She brushed some pink hair away from her face and smiled. Oh well. My arrival here wasn't EXACTLY how I wanted it, but I'm here now. If only Pikachu were still alive... Sakura shook her head. This had to be what Pikachu wanted, right? Of course it was! The mouse would want her to have a fresh start in a new region... Make new friends... Meet new Pokémon... But most importantly, meet new boys. This place had to be crawling with cute boys.

Sakura smiled just thinking about it and opened the door to the lab, hoping that the professor was a cute guy and... Not at all an old lady. Sakura frowned when she saw the professor, but forced a smile upon her face and bowed respectfully like she was taught to. That's two things in a row that haven't been perfect... Just stay calm and remember your manners... Sakura looked up at the professor and smiled again. "My name is Sakura Hinamori. How are you today?"

Professor Solaria smiled and walked over to Sakura. "Hello there! I've been waiting for you. Follow me." Sakura smiled and followed her. Hopefully, I'll get a cute starter. Maybe a Pikachu... She stopped walking when the professor stopped and watched curiously as she pulled various things out of nowhere. Or maybe Sakura just wasn't paying enough attention.

The first thing she was handed was a Pokeball, which she immediately put in the bag that her parents gave her as a farewell gift. The next things she got were more Pokeballs, which she also put in her bag. She put the potions and the Pokedex that the professor handed her in the bag and smiled. "Thank you!" Sakura said as she bowed again and left the lab.

"Now to see what Pokemon she gave me," Sakura said excitedly. She reached into her bag and pulled out a Pokeball. Here goes nothing... Sakura released the Pokemon from the Pokeball and frowned when the red light faded. It wasn't a Pikachu at all! It was a... Vullaby. Sakura groaned and slid onto the ground. The bird squawked and pecked her new trainer's hand. Sakura shook her head. "Three things that haven't gone right... But at least you're kind of cute." She reached out and petted the bird's head. "I'll call you Vanessa. How do you like that?" Vanessa squawked again and nodded.
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