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Pamela Oxford


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Pamela watched as trainers entered the lab, ignoring her while doing so. So far she's managed to take note of... four? One of them appears to be the Professor's Assistant, after all. A handsome boy around her age passed by with his shoulder-length blue hair. Afterwards she was surprised to see a very... young girl with wavy pink hair pass by. She didn't look as if she were taking it seriously, worrying Pamela. Even so she moved on and waited to see if anybody else passed. That's when she took note of a younger boy with long, messy brown hair and sunken eyes. Despite being younger, he at least looked as if he knew what he was dealing with... or so she thought. Looks can be very deceiving. Not long after, a boy and... his father reached the island. He had piercing blue eyes and black hair. It caught her attention, and she felt a bit... funny inside, but she didn't let it bother her.

After that, nobody else had arrived. Was that it? Maybe they were late? Who knows. Pamela stood up, and right when she turned to go to the next area, she stopped at the sound of... a young girl?

"Hey there, big guy!" the girl sang. Pamela stopped to watch, Nana right behind her. The Azurill bounced on its tail, smiling and singing her own tune. "So... What's your name? Mine's Sakura," she kept going. Pamela quickly looked away, surprised she was already going for a guy. Not only did she look young, but she's young enough to still go crazy over boys... but Pamela can't blame her. She used to be like that too.

Annoyed, she kept walking forward. She wanted to try out Nana's power. Seeing as how they reached Route 1. Without hesitating, she rushed to the grass and spotted herself a Rattata. "There... show me what you got then, Nana," she used her soothing voice for the last few words, calming the Pokemon down. The Azurill, determined, jumped over to get closer to the rat, who was shocked at the sudden jump. She smiled and ....started to splash. Pamela watched, facepalming herself. "Well at least I know you know Splash... try something else?"

The Azurill jumped and landed on her tail. Smiling, she turned to the rat, who was just as confused as Pamela. Slowly, she let out small bubbles. One by one, they got all over the purple Pokemon, only to pop and cause it to giggle. Pamela wasn't amused, at all.

'Oh well... I suppose it's just a baby... nothing I can do about it.' She sat down, watching as Azurill began to play with the Rattata. After a while Pamela enjoyed it, but turned serious. Standing up, she snapped her fingers, catching Nana's attention. "Use Bubble." Azurill turned to the rat and then at Pamela, exchanging sad expressions. After the fifth look, the teen sighed. "Alright, another wild Pokemon then...what about...," she trails off, looking around. She then catches sight of.. a Plusle?!? Unfortunately right when she pointed at it, a Caterpie jumps out of nowhere and attacks the Rattata, catching it off guard. Azurill yelped from shock, horrified.

Pamela saw this as an opportunity. "Go help your friend... aren't you?" she acted surprised, causing Azurill to nod and begin to shot fast Bubbles at the Caterpie. It's surprising how good Azurill is at battling when her "friends" are in danger... but when asked to, she doesn't do a thing. "She's going to be a handful," she mumbled, but smiled anyway. She watched as Azurill used Bubble, dodged Caterpie by using her tail to bounce up, and landed on the Caterpie... by accident. She fell down, but managed to knock the Caterpie cold. Rattata, unfortunately, had run away by then. Never to be seen again.

"You're... amazing," Pamela admits, kneeling down as Azurill jumped over to her in joy. "You're really something, you know."

"Azu azu!" she sang happily, but suddenly her mood dropped. Pamela was a bit surprised, not knowing why. It was until Azurill turned that she got the idea.

"It's alright... maybe he'll come back. Besides," Pamela grabbed a nearby flower and broke it off. "You have me, right?" she smiles, handing Nana the flower. She started to tear up, hiding inside her hood. She blushed, not wanting anybody to actually see her sweet side... even worse; see her blush.
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