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Wrestling With Man's Greatest Challenge

"Nice to meet you too, Trent. Don't be so scared. I won't bite or anything." Trent had a moment of relief as Sakura let go of his arm. "Something to help? I don't need any help. Oh, I forgot to introduce you! This is Vanessa! I just got her. Isn't she cute?" She gestured to the Vullaby near her. He was about to laugh. Then she grabbed his arm again. "You know... I've been looking for someone like you. Or maybe just someone..." Trent couldn't help but blush even more as she noted him possibly be one that she's looking for. To make matters worse, her Vullaby happened to push her on to him, causing them to tumble to the ground. "Ow... Hey, are you okay?"

Trent couldn't believe what was happening! There was a beautiful girl laying on top of him! All that could come out of his mouth was incoherent babbling. He only noticed that Sakura was a little...top heavy. He blushed even more. "I-I-I'm fine. The real question is, are you okay?" Trent hadn't noticed that Kong had tumbled off his shoulder, to the Slakoth's disappointment. Kong began to crawl, ever so slowly, towards the pair with devious intentions in mind, "I hope you're alright!" He didn't know what to do. He couldn't stand up. She was on top of him! Fear was coursing through his body. What to do!? What to do?! There was nothing he could do other sit there and wait for her. He took one of his free hands and brushed his long, light blue hair from his face. He noticed her long, beautiful pink hair for the first time...It was strangely...Stunning. "Wait...What do you mean you've been looking for someone like me?"