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Yuri Welkin - Chapter 1-2: Too many people...

When Yuri asked the girl his question, she took off her lab coat and put in into her bag. Was she ashamed to be wearing it? But why? Lab coats were so cool! His mind went to the one stored in his own bag belonging to his father. Maybe she was just more prone to the heat than others, and the coat was too hot. But those coats aren’t often made of thick material and are white, a color that doesn’t get hot very quickly not to mention that it was a fairly nice day today. Perhaps it was just getting uncomfortable? He really couldn’t think of any counter-arguments to that.

"You must be one of the new trainers. I'm Amanda it's very nice to meet you" She said cheerfully. Oh, great. It looked like she was just as friendly as the professor, if not more so. Yuri started to tremble nervously, wanting to leave but not wanting to miss the answer to his question. Hopefully it wouldn’t take her too long to get to the point. "So you want to know about the Professor's research, do you? Well I'm just the person to ask. See I'm the one that will take over once the Professor retires. What we're studying right now is Pokemon and how different ways of training affect them. It's rather interesting. My job is to do the gym challenge to help with our research. I'm also to help those that are new here, and continue my own research as well." Yuri relaxed a little, finally hearing the answer. It was an interesting subject, and getting a look at the professor’s research notes would likely teach him some things that would be of great benefit to him if he scores a spot working for the Battle Company when he is older. Oh, and maybe with the league challenge too. Frankly, he almost forgot about that. After thinking for a moment, he realized that maybe he didn’t need to look at the professor’s notes. The notes of a future professor should do just fine. With the current professor’s age, she shouldn’t be too far from retirement (although she could still be far off, considering how long Professor Oak’s been a professor) so maybe sending Amanda on this journey was a sort of final step on her way to professorhood. She can’t have gotten this far without doing some degree of her own research.

Yuri looked back up from his musing ready to ask for them, but upon seeing her smiling face he looked back down again. This isn’t going to work, she’s too nice, he thought defeatedly. After quickly thinking of alternatives, he remembered that she was supposed to be helping new trainers along their journeys and would be taking on her own journey as well. That meant that this definitely wouldn’t be his last chance to ask her. The longer he waited, the more complete her research, so that was definitely good. Deciding that waiting until later to ask was a good plan, Yuri now only needed to figure out how to escape.

"Oy! Amanda! How goes it? All grown up I see." Yuri quickly turned his head to see where the new voice had come from and saw an adult man with a Pigeot and a nearby boy that he assumed was his son and fellow new trainer. Yes! Yuri cheered in his mind. This man was his salvation, the perfect excuse for him to leave.

“H-how interesting,” he said with an incredibly nervous smile. “I’d hate to keep you busy, but I’ve get to- got to got-get going.” As he spoke, he slowly shuffled away before finally fleeing the scene. When he felt that he was far enough, he stopped and took a few deep breaths. He hated having to keep people away but feeling unable to just be mean to them. People would stay away if he were mean, but then he would be on the same level as a bully. With his composure regained, Yuri looked around and noticed that he had run into Route 1. He peeked around a tree at Amanda and the other pair and, upon closer inspection, found that the man who had spoken looked familiar. But where had he seen him? It took some thought, but he finally pieced it together. That man was Jeremy Barol, former Johto champion! What was he doing in Celestia, though? Yuri suddenly felt stupid as he realized that he had already figured that out before; bringing his son here to start an adventure of his own. If Mr. Barol has taught his son even half as much about battling as Yuri’s father has taught him about technology, then that boy will have little trouble dealing with the Celestial league. Or at least the other trainers, considering the fact that he knew nothing about the Celestial league leaders.

Yuri’s observation was interrupted by a pair of screams and a thud indicating that a couple people probably fell or something. Looking over, Yuri was shocked to see a young (and very pink) girl on top of a young (and very blue... no, cyan? Yes, cyan.) boy. He looked away quickly to give them some privacy before remembering that they were fooling around in the middle of town. What sort of privacy would they expect? How could Amanda be ashamed to wear a lab coat in public but these two not be ashamed to be doing... whatever it was they were doing in broad daylight? But then again, he never did confirm whether or not Amanda was ashamed of the lab coat. Nevermind the lab coat, Yuri turned away and instead focused his attention on the Route before him.

It was a relatively small route filled with nothing but green. With all the green in this region so far, he looked forward to being able to see some gray for once. Gray streets, gray buildings, maybe some gray metal structures. Well, they didn’t all have to be gray, he was just used to the grayness of Castelia. He’d be fine with structures of other colors too. The thing about Celestia Yuri looked forward to learning about most had been the sort of technology used in such a secluded region, but it seems that it was a little too secluded and didn’t really advance at all. He probably shouldn’t be making such generalized conclusions without seeing the rest of the region first, though.

Scanning the area, he noticed a deviation from all the green; a black that was almost even purple. The source was a long ponytail belonging to an older girl. He paid the girl no mind, though, and decided to get down to business. If he was going to be doing the league challenge, Ellie would need to do some training. Yuri pulled the Ellie’s pokeball from his pocket and expanded it, input the touch sequence, then let her out. “Alrighty then, let’s see what you’ve got.” Yuri then pulled out his pokedex from his other pocket and scanned the Phanpy. He softly mumbled the information that it showed out loud. “Okay, odor sleuth...not bad... tackle... pretty average...ooh, ice shard! That’s a pretty nifty inheritance if you ask me!” While Yuri was busy mumbling to himself, Ellie took it upon herself to do some exploring of her own. The first thing she decided to do was to go meet that pretty lady with the Azurill, so she wandered over there. By the time Yuri noticed, she had already crossed more than half the distance between them. “Wha- hey! No! Bad Phanpy,” commanded Yuri in a hushed sort of yelling as an (admittedly bad) attempt to keep the girl from noticing. “Get back here! Ellie, no!” When it was clear that she wasn’t going to listen, Yuri simply returned her to her pokeball. However, he now probably had the attention of the ponytail girl. He didn’t actually know if he did or not because he quickly looked away. Realizing that if she saw his pokeball with the lock on it she might ask about it, he put that away too before hurrying away from her. Once he had gone around a corner and safely put some trees between himself and her, he released Ellie once more only for her to go wandering back to the girl. He tried ordering her to come back a few more times before confirming that it was useless and returned her again to the ball.

Yuri sighed in defeat. How could he have gotten such a disobedient starter pokemon? He knew all about the many different species, how to raise and train them, and several other things essential for a trainer to know, so why was it so different in practice? Was he doing something wrong? No, he probably just needed to spend more time with Ellie. The problem was that he got nervous if he kept her out of the pokeball for too long, knowing that anything could happen that might trigger him to come out. Either way, he couldn’t spend any time with her if that girl was there. He suddenly came upon the solution. He simply had to wait until the girl was gone, then it would be safe to let Ellie out! Yuri reached into his backpack and shuffled through all the stuff inside until he came upon a spyglass. He always thought spyglasses were cooler than plain ol’ binoculars. Using that, he hid within some nearby bushes and observed her, waiting for her to leave while hoping to remain unseen.

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