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Danielle Marriott
Pilot - Starting Over From Scratch!

It seemed like forever, but the boat finally arrived to my destination. I'm definitely not used to boat rides and I was not happy about all those troubles the seasickness brought me, which I do NOT want to talk about. But thankfully it's all over. The time has come to start again, a new journey, with new Pokémon, and I'm really looking forward to this! I wonder what Pokémon I'll get at the lab...

Those were the thoughts inside Danielle Marriott's head as she made her way past the docks and over to the Professor's Lab, where she would be getting her first Pokémon in the Celesta region. Despite the happiness and excitement that those thoughts might show, Danielle was actually keeping a straight face, showing no signs of emotion whatsoever; in fact, one could think that she was reluctant to do some task. She kept checking the Pokétch that her father had gifted to her when she left for her first journey, and not before long she was standing at the door of the Pokémon Lab.

However, to her chagrin, there were some people there. With a sigh, she leaned against the wall, trying to 'play it cool'. She loitered outside the building until she saw people coming out. She pretended to play with her Pokétch and hoped that they didn't spot her. Luckily for her, and despite her odd outfit, they didn't, and Danielle then proceeded to walk inside the lab.

A woman with grey hair and a lab coat and a Swellow greeted her as soon as she came in. "Welcome to Celesta, young lady! I'm Professor Solaria!" she said happily, "And judging by your clothes, I assume you are...Danielle, correct?"

The teenager's face remained emotionless, and she was thinking of what way to go to get her Pokémon, supplies, then leave and start her journey. As far as she knew, there were only two ways: being rude and go all "Just give me the Pokémon already!" in a fit of anger that the Professor did not deserve having to put up with, or just stay silent, nod, agree, take the stuff and leave. Danielle was smart enough to know that being rude was not the way to be given something, so she settled for the latter. She nodded, not making a sound.

"Oh. The strong silent type, I see." she said, somewhat disappointed at the teen's response. She went over to a desk and grabbed a Pokéball. "Then, without further ado, here you go!" she added, and handed it over to her. Through the red side she could see a cactus-like Pokémon staring at her, which she immediately recognised as Cacnea. After putting the Pokéball on her belt, she was given a Trainer's kit from the friendly Professor, which contained five Pokéballs for catching Pokémon, five Potions for healing them and a Pokédex, which was the high-tech encyclopedia that most trainers knew about.

Danielle smiled thankfully for one moment, but then her face reverted back to the way it was before. Then there was some sort of tension in the air; the situation had clearly gotten awkward and it was time for Danielle Marriott to get moving. "Well, then, off you go!" Professor Solaria said, "Good luck on your journey!" Danielle replied with a fake smile and a wave and then left the building.

Sigh... That wasn't good... Oh, how I hate those situations. I hope I don't have to go through something like that again... she thought as she wandered around town. The weather was pleasant, and the thought of finally having a Pokémon again soon wiped that thought away. She looked at Cacnea and smiled again. "Well, it's you and me now. I'll call you Needles. Is that alright?" she asked. From inside the Pokéball she could see the Cacnea nod. He looked content with his new name, however, he kept staring at his new Trainer. Perhaps he wanted to be sent out and explore the world alongside her?

Name: Creamer
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