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"Your father told me about you, you know your father was a big help with the professor's research, and mine as well." Kenneth looked up at his father, a man he was realizing he didn't know as well as he had thought. "Oh yeah and what exactly did he say?" He sneered and Jeremy mussed his son's hair, causing angry protests from the boy. "I told'em I got a boy of my own, and that little Kenny's a silly blockhead but he loves pokemon. Maybe about some mishaps but that's a long story." Kenneth actually looked thoughtful for a moment and then his face changed to derision once again. "Hold on a moment...if this happened after I was already born...THAT'S when mom was so pissed at you for weeks." The large man laughed jovially, it was obvious that his journey had done anything but hamper his spirit, despite the fact he was a good 6'5 and looked like a bearded more masculine version of Kenneth he was quite positive and mostly carefree. He looked affectionately at his son But he does have his mother's eyes...I love those eyes.

"Well uh, your mum knows me all too well, she thought I was going off on another journey. I thought about it, but the Celestia league was looking for new trainers not old codgers like me and I had you and your mum to take care of, so I just helped set things up as best I could with my lack of a scientific mind, and showed some of the leader's around here a real battle of course." Kenneth stared at his father a moment longer before he realized he hadn't shaken Amanda's hand yet, he took her soft hand and moved it firmly up and down a bit. "Sorry uh, Amanda is it? Nice to meet you, I'm looking forward to learning more about pokemon and training in a place so few people in Johto seem to know about...And if I can I'm gonna be Celestia's new champion if I can. Oh! Um, you already know who I am but this." He gestured at his pokescarf, who lifted up her head and made a quiet but happy sound. "Is Luna, she likes it up here, it's comfortable for both of us and she can look people in the eye, she's the smartest pokemon I've ever met." At the praise Luna rubbed his face with her head once again.

Jeremy smiled down at the two youngsters. "Alright, I'll leave you two young pokemon masters to carry the torch, I figure I better git back to the missus before she gets ideas. Nice to see you again Mandy, watch out for my single-minded progeny please, silly little brat doesn't talk to pretty girls enough." He began to make his way back towards his Pidgeot whistling a happy tune to himself. Kenneth scowled for a moment at his father's last words but they really didn't bother him all that much. "Man...I wish Dad remembered where he's from, I've always been curious...I mean he talks funny." He turned all the way towards Amanda and smiled more genuinely. "Feel free to ignore him, he nicknames EVERYONE...So it must be exciting being the professor's assistant, I bet you know all kinds of things, when did you plan on leaving?" Kenneth was already thinking about the journey in his head, he hoped to speak with Amanda more, he wanted someone he could talk to about everything pokemon like he used to with his dad and he already had it in his head he'd like to go with her and see how she battles.

After about only a minute of walking Jeremy Barol came upon the young couple who seemed to be drawing everybody's attention and shook his head. "Tsk tsk tsk, alright you little blighters that's enough." He lifted the young girl by her arm quickly but gently off the boy with one hand. "Things like that are meant for privacy, besides I'd much rather see girls ogling my boy...silly git doesn't have an ounce of romantic sense." He cleared his throat. "Alright, sorry for the interruption, have fun and bring back this wonderful land's sense of pride and love of battling." With his little and most likely annoying monologue out of the way he hopped back onto the Pidgeot's back and took off, already thinking of eating his wife's food again.
"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."