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Amanda giggled at the interaction between Jeremy and his son. It reminded her much of the way she and her father interacted. As Kenneth shook her hand Amanda smiled more at him. "Sorry uh, Amanda is it? Nice to meet you, I'm looking forward to learning more about pokemon and training in a place so few people in Johto seem to know about...And if I can I'm gonna be Celestia's new champion if I can. Oh! Um, you already know who I am but this." he gestured to his Pokescarf and Amanda's eyes lit up as she spotted Luna.

Turning her head to Jeremy, Amanda smiled at the man. "It was nice to see you to Sir. I'll be sure to watch out for Kenneth. After all that's my job" once the man walked away Amanda turned her attention back to Kenneth. "Oh it's okay my dad also calls me Mandy. I liked it when I was little but now I prefer Amanda. Also, Luna is the cutest Dratini I've ever seen" she smiled more.

"I know everything there is to know about Celestia. You see on top of helping with the professor's research I'm working on my own which is studying the legend behind the creation of Celestia" Amanda smiled more before she realized she was probably rambling, and that not many people cared about what she was studying. A pink flush appeared on her cheeks. "I'm actually getting ready to head out to Route 1 with my Vulpix, Cherry if you'd like to go with me Kenneth"