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Trent stood up shakily as the burden of Sakura was lifted off of him, but flinched as she kicked him, and then sighed when she forgave him. Never has he had such a flux of emotions. He looked to the man as he flew away on his Pidgeot and mouthed a silent Thank you. The situation had been getting a little to hairy for a person with Trent's social capabilities. "Ahem...So..." He looked to the girl who had mentioned his Slakoth climbing the Professor's lab. "Thank you. I suppose I SHOULD go grab him!" He looked to the side of the structure to see Kong reaching the roof. "GOD DANG IT KONG!" He cried out to his pokemon and rushed over to the building, making meager attempts to climb as well. He looked to the two girls and laughed nervously. "I did that on purpose. Now here's where I really try!" Trent gritted his teeth and slowly, but surely, scaled the wall as well. He found Kong lying there with a smug look on his face. Screw you. He returned the Pokemon to its pokeball and looked down. "And now..." He gulped. "I get down." With that he leapt off of the roof, somehow managing a perfect Tuck-n-Roll. Trent stood up, amazed with his ability, and looked at his hands, feeling powerful. "Holy crap! I did it! I didn't think that would work!" He laughed in amazement before he turned to the other girl. "I'm Trent. Trent Rift. Nice to meet you." He held his hand out in a way that one might do so in a handshake.