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I've got a lot of things on my metaphorical plate this month and next, so hopefully I'll be able to wait without getting too antsy for news. Honestly, any news is welcome at this point but I'll just toss a few guesses out there:

I'd say there are two likely options. One is that, sometime before the CoroCoro issue, the mascots are revealed through another official source (likely the Pokémon YouTube channel). Then the CoroCoro issue will inevitably leak go on sale and will show the protagonists and starters, and maybe give us another glimpse at the mascots (maybe official art if we are shown only in-game 3D models of them beforehand). BONUS: If we're lucky we may get to see the rivals, too, along with some confirmed features and maybe some info on a town or city.

The second option is similar to the first, just remove the part with the mascots being revealed beforehand.

It's tough to say just how much or little information we're gonna get, since the games are coming out...pretty soon, if you think about it (7-8 months will...sigh...sadly be gone before we know it...ughhh....). But they could always be saving a large info dump for another time. Either way, I think I'll be alright if I don't think about it too much for the time being.