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The Story so far...



Pokemon from all across Valkaria (and some from beyond it) arrive to the thirtieth anniversary celebrating the end of the Silver War. Many Pokemon, especially some Gold Tribe and Seekers, are skeptical about the party, which was organized by General Grett. The grandiose design and festival which the ceremony has become, was thought by many to be unnecessary, too festive and less honoring, and just downright pointless. Though many respect the sacrifices of the Silver War, there are also some believe that Darkrai never actually appeared in the closing stages of the war, and that the war was conducted by former members of the Gold Tribe in the form of the Silver Tribe. This group, or movement, is called the Valkarian Exposure and is led by a former Commander Hypno known as Thomas Blake.

The party progressed on, with many old acquaintances meeting back up and some new ones meeting for the first time. Notable dignitaries included the Thieves with their King Snype, the Seekers and their leader Penance, SEC employees and their founder Hanso, the Gold Tribe and their leader Guardia, as well as many more surprising and some new faces. As the ceremony for the fallen was conducted, however, Thomas Blake got into an argument with another General, Riken, about the nature of the Silver War's end. Soon after, Grett revealed a surprising bit of information, his involvement with Darkrai, which promptly led to his appearance along the outskirts of Gold City soon after, along with an army. Grett was soon dispatched, and everyone got to work. The defense of Gold City had begun, with the Gold Tribe and other defenders clamoring over to the wall of the city, while others heading to the SEC Network points (there being three) to try and evacuate all the non-combating citizens to other cities.

Unknown to the defenders originally, a Greninja believed to be working, perhaps voluntarily, with Darkrai, has begun destroying the Network points. He has successfully destroyed Network point two with a Hyper Beam Cannon, and proceeded to Network point three. A fire had mysteriously begun around Network point three. The Greninja was discovered by Snype, Paradox (Penance), and other defenders of the Alpha Alliance. The Hyper Beam Cannon was fired, but the network point was thankfully not destroyed, and in the process of being moved (as it is somewhat portable by SEC employees). Though in apparent captivity, the Darkrai agent known as Gabriel, or Gabe, hinted at possible other infiltrators into the city. At the same time at Network point one, an Ursaring revealed himself and began causing mayhem around there as well, apparently with the goal to destroy the Network point there.

Meanwhile at the wall, the defense of the city began. Darkrai's army was vast and wide, but with the Gold Tribe, the Alpha Alliance, Hyper Beam Cannons and a small, evil Ralts, the walls were being held off. Stampedes and other Pokemon charged for the gates, but were held off. An enormous Wailord began to be carried by the Pokemon of Darkrai. It seemed to support a lot of weight on it, despite the Wailord's notoriety for being quite light. Even with some armor plating around it, it didn't appear to make much sense yet. However, with a bit of a psychic disturbance from Razathiel, the Wailord was initially tipped over and caused destructive damage to the armies of Darkrai. The Pokemon of Darkrai quickly recovered the Wailord, put psychic barriers around to prevent additional mishaps, and proceeded again forward to the wall. The Gold Tribe and General Warren headed over the gate to take on a few enemies close range, and the defense of Gold City continued.

At the wall, the giant Wailord that was being carried by the Darkrai forces was actually filled with Electrode. The 'mon at the wall managed to damage and partially destroy the wailord before it reached the wall, but it still ended up unleashing most of them closeby the wall and blowing up half of the main gate and taking down a good portion of the mon there. General Riken found Guardia there among the survivors and basically relayed the plan to her to do that mission she was planning tomorrow (check OOC) now instead, so she basically asked her to gather everyone she wanted to bring and take them to Network Point 3. They're all heading there now. At Network Point One, there were a group of Pokemon who were trying to destroy the Network there, an Ursaring, Machamp, and Ariados. They were tough opponents, particularly the Ursaring, but all were eventually taken out. Alex and Obsidian took out the Machamp with a sleeping dart, while Charlie took out the Ariados. A joint effort by Scar, Gaia (Naku NPC), Desmond (Naku NPC) and Atrox was used to take out the Ursaring. Gabriel arrived there too, and ended up destroying Network Point one in a concealed explosion at the same time as the explosion on the wall. So only Network Point 3 is left. In the end, Scar stayed behind to fight off Gabriel, while the rest continued on to Network Point 3.

From there, Riken and Guardia explained to the gathered about their mission, and of how they had to leave Gold City now to accomplish it. Fighting off the armies would only prolong the inevitable. The only way to win was to do what was originally intended: Find Cresselia. Along with that, they would get any help they could from the other countries in terms of fighting Darkrai's armies.

Fort Ferrol


The group were teleported by the Network to Fort Ferrol, which was a relatively small outpost just north of Valkaria in an area known as the Valkaria Protectorate. It wasn't a country per say, as within it was only a collection of a few separate villages. Ferrol was half abandoned when they got there, including most of the Gold Tribe which was stationed there because they went off to help Gold City. However, there remained a couple of Gold Tribe members: 'Wraith' the Dusknoir, 'Whirlwind' the Fearow, and 'Reign' the Seaking. Along with them, there was a Seeker and SEC base, as well as a few dozen villagers who still occupied the village/fort.

The group spent the rest of the day resting, eating, and getting to know each other. Snype and Kaveri went on their second date, the first being in Gold City just before the attack. Guardia discovered Charlie, a traitor of the Gold Tribe and current member of the thieves, and confronted him. The brothers Joshua and Charlie met up, with the conversation going quite sour. Thomas, Sylvio, Cal, Raz, and Anna all met up and talked within the inn in town. The following day, the group gathered together to decide where they would begin their journey. After some debate, they ultimately decided on beginning in Tollen. From there, the group dispersed once more, everyone doing their own thing. At this point, Guardia once more confronted Charlie, with the two butting heads, but didn't resort to fighting. Guardia also spoke to Snype, frustrated that he had been hiding so much information from her about the extent of his organization. A similar conversation took place with Penance. Joshua and Cal also shared their reservations about trusting some of the non-Gold Tribe members of the group. The following day, they met again to discuss how they would get into Tollen, and what they would be doing once they got there.

They agreed to split up into three separate teams and proceed into Tollen that way. The thief team as it has been called, decided to go in through the last Network Point in Tollen. They snuck their way in with some help from SEC devices. The Diplomatic team tried the same way, but through the legal channels of the nobility in Tollen. The third team, the forest team, would head by way of the furthest Network Point in Beatruce and enter Tollen through the forest.

Part 1: Tollen


The Diplomatic Team: The Diplomatic team has made contact with Lord Marrow of House Ellia. He was fairly hostile to the group mostly because of their ties to the Gold Tribe, but also because of the fact that they were foreigners. Marrow alluded to the fact that all foreigners were generally forbidden inside Tollen, and there could be consequences for bringing them in. The Diplomatic team also discovered other names, including Lord Arron of House Durania, who was briefly mentioned. The diplo team convinced Marrow to give the guys a chance to explain themselves, and so Marrow went over to appeal to the other nobility to grant an audience before all of the dignitaries and nobility of Tollen, where they might be able to present their case for aid.

Also, the diplo team discovered that a portion of the network psychics have been taken hostage somewhere. Maybe something the thieves could investigate sometime. Lord Marrow returned around the same time that the two thieves were partially discovered in the palace. He was angry about the situation, asking if they had anything to do with it. The Diplomatic team assured them that they didn't, and Marrow informed them that the audience was set up.

The following day, the Diplomatic Team was presented to the audience, where the nobles of Argime gathered. Among the seated once who presided over the others were Lord Marrow, Lord Arron of House Durania, Lord Caellen of House Jenoscent, who was the son of the true head of the House (who was away because he was apparently ill), Deputy Commander Elewyn of the Royal Knights, and General Marcus Tyren of the Standing Army. Later, the savior everyone was referring to, and the Royal Commander of the Knights entered, who turned out to be the same Greninja Gabriel from Valkaria. In a slight state of worry, Thomas urged the diplomatic team not to mention Cresselia, so they approached the meeting from a call to aid for troops approach. The meeting surprisingly divided the nobles and military officials, with Lord Marrow and General Tyren supporting to toss them out, and Elewyn, Caellen, Arron and surprisingly Gabriel voting to hear them out more individually.

The diplomats met with various dignitaries following the meeting. They first met with Lord Arron of House Durania, who explained that he was informed somewhat of Gabriel, at least on the part of him being a nuisance to many nobles of Tollen, and also supported him being removed from power. Lord Arron explained his ties to the Brotherhood of Shadows, a group bent on getting rid of Gabriel, and of various other secret networks. He explained that if they were to help him get rid of Gabriel, he would provide them troops for their fight in Gold City, as well as any information they seek. He also asked as a condition for this that the diplomats ask the Queen to allow Arron to sit on the Throne of Rectitude, which is a position reserved for the most trustworthy of Tollen. The position involves that should no heir be named to the current ruler, that 'mon which current sits on the throne will take over as the ruler of Tollen. Currently, Gabriel is allowed to sit on the Throne.

Following the meeting with Lord Arron, the diplomats met with Lord Caellen, son of the leader of House Jenoscent. He was much more shy than his father, as he claimed, and clearly didn't have the knack to rule. However, he did say that his father was not sick, but rather that he was out of the city in secret, as he did not trust was Gabriel said, and he wanted to see the condition of Tollen for himself. Lord Caellen promised what support he could if the diplomats helped return his father to him.

Their next meeting was with the Deputy Commander of the Royal Knights, Elewyn. Elewyn seemed sincere in her support of the situation in Valkaria, offered support in troops without any favors or requests in return. It seemed that there were still quite a few Royal Knights who were brought up viewing the Gold Tribe in a relatively favorable light.

The meeting after Elewyn was with Gabriel himself. The meeting was an odd affair with many fronts and double meanings behind it. However, when he did begin to explain himself, Gabriel seemed intent on keeping his motivations somewhat secretly while still implying a few things, including that the presence of the diplomats in Tollen did benefit him as well as them. It seemed like it was all a game to him, with Gabriel even betting the diplomats that they couldn't bring him down within two nights from their meeting, where they were to attend a banquet of sorts, in which the Queen of Tollen would also be present.

The Thief Team: Two thieves, Charlie and Obsidian, decided to gather some information by infiltrating the palace of the Queen. Along the way, they heard something about a 'mon named Popous, who it was later found out didn't make it into the Royal Knights despite many thinking he should have because he was very skilled. Obsidian and Charlie also ran into a Herdier who was of nobility, whose House had the insignia of an Emerald Dragalge. The Herdier sniffed around when Obsidian and Charlie were close, but didn't comment on the thieves presence if he knew they were there. Charlie and Obsidian discovered a book, which detailed the line of succession of the General of the Standing Army. Apparently, the General has recently been replaced in the last year, from General Isabella to General Marcus Tyren.

Other thieves have been hearing continuous things about someone or something known as the Savior. From what they could gather, something has happened here in the last year which caused a lot of devastation of some sort, and many mon allude that the savior was the one to stop it, or save them from it. It is claimed that the mon was born in the Oddish Trail, a relatively poor and small part of the slums of Tollen. Other claims made him out to be from other parts of Tollen. The savior was clearly a prominent figure of some sort, having stopped the devastation known only as the Reckoning.

The thieves also planned a heist with a group they got in contact with after Snype saved a slum mon from a Royal Guard. The group mentioned something about another group known as the Brotherhood, but not much is known about it at present. On the day of the heist, Snype spoke with a citizen in Tollen named Popous, who somewhat upset about not getting into the Royal Knights, and thus was honorably discharged from the standing army. He passed on a bit of information that the Savior was a Greninja. The heist came, with the thief team meeting up with Roran (the initial 'mon who brought them the heist), as well as Joseph, Stretch, and a Bisharp named Creed. The group agreed to hit the shipping caravan as it traveled within the city, as it was found out that the most skilled Royal Knights guarded the entrances and exit to the city, where the supplies were bound. Jeice, another member of the heist, informed the group that there would be two standing army soldiers, and two royal knights guarding the caravan. The shipping job went off without much of a hitch. Except at the end of it, instead of leaving the knocked out royal knights, Creed suddenly killed the two Royal Knights.

The thief team took offense, but it was soon discovered that he was with the Brotherhood, and the shipping job was an initiation of sort to get the group to meet with them. He also mentioned that killing them would derail suspicion of another group with the Diplomatic team inside the capital. It was also found out that the Brotherhood stopped a Royal Knight from passing information on to the higher ups in the palace about them having SEC supplies, and therefore could be foreigners here. The Brotherhood asked to meet with the thief team that night.

The thieves returned to their hideout in a spa, where they met with a Seeker, who was one of the standing army soldiers posted with the caravan. There, he gave a good painting of the full story. A plague began in the capital, which killed the King and caused a lot of devastation. The borders were closed and all foreigners were dispelled to try and contain this Reckoning. It also seemed that a portion of the citizens, mostly nobility and those around the palace, seemed immune to the plague, which greatly angered the suffering poor and middle class. Finally, a Royal Knight came forward by the name of Gabriel and began to cure this plague. He became extremely popular among the people of Tollen, and so the Queen gave him a position of influence. The nobility were more hesitant to accept him given his roots, but agreed because they knew the people would protest if they did.

Following the meeting with the Seeker, the thieves met up with the Brotherhood in the same evening, where it was discovered that their leader was actually Isabella, the former General of the Standing Army. Isabella had begun to suspect Gabriel and his plans and for that, she believed Gabriel set her up in an assassination attempt against the Queen, and also an execution. Isabella escaped, and began working in the shadows to bring down the Gabriel. The two sides relayed further information about the situation outside, and Isabella relayed everything going on within the country, including her ties to Lord Arron of House Durania. They agreed on a loose partnership to bring down Gabriel by uncovering the past.

The first place they agreed to look, as suggested by Sylvio, was the events surrounding the Dark Tournament which took place over a century earlier. It was a similar incident that occurred during the Silver War, and was proof of Darkrai's involvement. Furthermore, Knights of Tollen as well as Gold Tribe fought together during this incident. Although it was initially covered up because of panic, there may have been some record left behind. The thieves sought to find this record, which Sylvio suspected was in the Raegal Center. The Raegal Center was constructed many years ago, and despite never being renovated, was allowed to stand from orders of the King directly without any explanation.

The thief group made their way inside the Raegal Center the following day and began to look for the records. They managed to discover it below the old library, but someone else seemed to track them as well. An Abomasnow formerly employed by Lord Arron, but who was recently 'outbid' into another 'mon's service, attacked the group and killed Creed. They met up with the brotherhood again later that day, where they discussed the event, as well as began tracking down further leads to bring down Gabriel.

The Thieves pursued several leads the following days. Skuld would go and find the Abomasnow and end up tailing him. From there he would learn that he was indeed in the service of the enemy, specifically General Marcus Tyren, who appeared to be allied with Gabriel. Other leads including diving into Isabella's memories, where they discovered a possible connection between the plague and Gabriel, and saw how Gabriel used a strange object to possibly influence the effects of the plague. Other leads were found in the palace, where Snype infiltrated and found an encrypted note. After the encryption, it was discovered to be from someone named 'Xander', and which details Gabriel's relationship with Darkrai. Snype would also find an interesting book known as 'Guardians', as well as a documentation of the orders of the Royal Knights, most of them which seemed against what was best for Tollen. A strange vial was also found in the room, one which gave Snype a vision of something menacing, perhaps of Darkrai's power, or even Darkrai himself.

Snype fled the scene, but not before also recruiting the help of Rupert the Mr Mime advisor, and also hearing the story of the old Royal Knight Alistair, who shared the tale of the Prince's death by hunting accident. It appeared that back then, the same vial Snype had found was used then by Marcus Tyren (then a Royal Knight) to make sure the prince died. Snype found one more piece of evidence in the form of love letters from a lesser noble named Pieter. The love letters, which were directed to the Deputy Commander of the Royal Knights, stated information about the previous assassination attempts of the Queen, and that connection not to Isabella, but to Gabriel and Darkrai's Agents. With all of this information in tow, the Thieves now had enough evidence to take down Gabriel. However, just before they would present it, Isabella ended up losing two pieces of the evidence after losing it in a tussle with Royal Knights loyal to Gabriel. Gabriel had apparently found out about the identity of the group looking for evidence and decided to put a stop to it. Isabella ended up losing the Guardians book and the Royal Commander schedule. These weren't extreme losses, but they did have some important information in them.

Snype was also attacked following the scene, with some of the strongest Royal Knights pursuing him. He ended up momentarily evading them, and wandered the city for a while, seeing it go to mayhem as soldiers entered homes in search of the thief team. However, Snype ended up being trailed by none other than one of the strongest warriors in Tollen, Marcus Tyren. Tyren was powerful, and was in the process of taking down and defeating Snype. However, he was eventually saved by Popous, whom Snype met earlier while in disguise. Popous took Snype to his home, where once the Sableye recovered, he shared his entire story with him. Popous listened and agreed to help at the banquet, adding another ally to the group.

The Forest Team: The Forest Team left before the other groups, on the evening prior. They transported to Beatruce, where they were directed onto the backs of water Pokemon, and traveled across the river into Tollen. Upon reaching the shores the following morning, they found the outpost there largely abandoned. They did see tracks going in multiple directions, and when the 'mon tried to sense out the place to see where the most activity was coming from, they found out that going north had a lot of death. The group therefore proceeded north, where they walked through the jungle for hours. They noticed the area was quite foggy, but discovered this was a combination of smoke and mist. They reached a body, one of the hellguards of Tollen, and then came upon a group of Hellguards, the last of a scouting team of over 80, now just half a dozen. The scouting team, led by Lieutenant Trace, was returning back to Fort Trantrea to reconnect with the remaining forces in the area. They talked about how they were attacked from all sides in the jungles, from three different forces no less. The Morrians, a group of wild tribe-like 'mon with painted faces, were the biggest trouble in the Northern area. They also said if they wanted more information, they should speak to Commander Darrell in Fort Trantrea.

A few hours later, they arrived at the fort. When the forest team arrived with the hellguards at Fort Trantrea, they found it under attack by a Morrian scouting party. With the help of the forest team, they managed to push back the Morrians, and the forest group met with the Commander. There, he relayed what he knew. He explained that he has not received any skilled Hellguard reinforcements from the capital in months, and recently, he hasn't even had any of the bad kind. There was no news from the capital. From a few Seekers Penance found, it was also discovered that any remaining Seekers in the country were drafted into the Hellguards from the standing army and sent to the warzone.

After some time, the place received a message from a nearby village, which said that there was a Tollenian noble from Argime there. However, at the same time, Fort Trantrea began to be under attack. The forest group was left to decide whether to pursue the noble or help the troops in Trantrea, and they decided to remain and fight. The battle lasted the entire night and into the morning, with the Morrians not retreating until the last 'mon standing. However, the Hellguards won with the forest team's help. As they rest and recover now, they decide on what to do next.

The forest team met up with a Seeker from Valkaria, Alexis, who was strangely transported here by a Network Machine. The reason for his transportation was a mystery then, but it usually doesn't malfunction on this level unless some sort of strong psychic energy was the cause behind it, likely from another Network Machine. With another Seeker and psychic present, Penance/Brynn decided to try and contact Argime through a long, psychic chain of connections. Even though it was far away, they decided to try. They connected with every Psychic they had in the area, and tried to extend themselves across the forest. Their signal was picked up, however not by Argime. Instead, they were surprised to learn that there was a second Network Point established on the outside of Argime in secret. According to a quick message, it was placed there for the Pentosarrs and Morrians to go and use to get a quick path into Argime straight into the city. The forest group is somewhat skeptical, believing that the message could be a trap, so they send a scouting team there first. Following this, they called for the army to arrive in the location, which is by a town called Brookerridge, to finally put the pieces of the plan into place.

The army showed up and positioned itself in Brookerridge, and soon after the army of the Morrians and Pentosarrs showed up. It was a conflict that took the entire night, but with the help of the Valkarians and some Seeker reinforcements, the Hellguards prevailed. With the Psychics now in tow, the forest team was now able to help out their friends in Argime, and share what had happened, but not before the Hellguards promised their full support in the war against Darkrai in Valkaria.

Together Again: The Thief, Forest, and Diplomat teams reunited at the banquet, where they shared all of the evidence against Marcus Tyren and Gabriel to the entire city and the nobility and other dignitaries of Tollen. The evidence was large, and the Valkarians found themselves with an advantage, until Gabriel decided to take matters into his own hands and try to force the Queen to drink from a cup, which many believed was probably poisoned. Little did he know that Rupert, the Mr. Mime adviser, had switched out the Queen's cup at the last minute, potentially saving her life.

Backed into a corner, Gabriel, Tyren, and what loyal Royal Guards he had with him decided to make a run for it, with the Queen in tow. The Valkarians and the Tollen defenders pursued. They squared off against Gabriel's best, in a fight for the city. Tyren eventually decided to stop running and face off against the tag team duo of Raz and Kaveri. In a tough bout, the two were eventually able to defeat the Agent of Darkrai and apparently kill him.

Meanwhile, Callimer, Snype, and Obsidian decided to pursue Gabriel, who had the Queen as a hostage. They were eventually able to get the Queen out of his hands, and Snype scurried away to bring her to safety. Eventually backed into a corner, both Obsidian and Cal fought with Gabriel. They appeared to be holding him off, but the Greninja was powerful. It became apparent that the Greninja was relying on some power of Darkrai through a small orb he held in his hands. When Snype returned, the three hatched a plan to get rid of the object in question. They were successful in doing so, much to the dismay of the Greninja.

Gabriel demanded the orb back, but the three refused, instead demanding that Gabriel surrender. Gabriel proceeded to ask if Snype remembered what he had first said to him when they first met. Snype shrugged it off as some lame line he said in Gold City, but Gabriel clarified that their first meeting actually came 30 years before. To the shock of the three warriors, Gabriel proceeded to recite words spoken by Darkrai to Snype many years prior, and then subsequently transformed into the legendary before their very eyes. They briefly tussled with the legendary, but were overwhelmed. Darkrai put them to sleep, but not before he explained to them the necessity of keeping them alive: chaos. Darkrai then escaped Tollen as the three fell asleep.

They were awoken by Guardia, and then shared their experience. Alex came soon after and helped to remove any possible power of Darkrai inside of them. Oddly enough, only Callimer and Obsidian had any corruption inside, while Snype remained free of it.

The next few days were spent recovering and reuniting, and a few days later, a meeting was held where the dignitaries of Tollen all gathered. There, the Valkarians nominated Isabella for her old position of General of the Standing Army, and Elewyn became the new Royal Commander. Lord Arron of House Durania was also elected to have the honor to sit on the Throne of Rectitude, much to the disagreement of many dignitaries.

The meeting also featured the Tollenians providing what aid they could, including Commander Darrell promising the entire Hellguard force once they need it. Elewyn, Marrow, and Arron also pledged Royal Knights number a bit of 100, and Isabella also promised her support through what remained of her Brotherhood members. Rupert promised what help he could through hired mercenaries, and Popous and Alistair agreed they would be present at the fight. Roran also set up an alliance with Snype with the new Brotherhood, one that was more thief-centered.

The meeting also featured a few notable events and reveals about other matters, including the fact that the orb around Zai's neck was the same one, or a similar one, to the one Gabriel had. Many theories were put forth about this. It was also revealed that Raz had a bit of Darkrai's power inside of him. Arron also shared some stories about Anatellia, and how legendaries were confirmed to walk with normal 'mon there. He recommended they go there. Isabella remembered reading something of the sort in the 'Guardians' book she lost, but could not remember more than becoming more than 'normal 'mon'. Marrow also brought out the Psychics of Brookerridge and shared a message they received, one which specifically said that Cresselia had been found in a hymn. After some more deliberation, the group eventually voted to go to Anatellia, to find help against Darkrai from other legendaries, and to find the origins of the message.

Fort Ferrol Again

The group eventually returned to Fort Ferrol to once more rest and recuperate before heading to Anatellia. At this point, while they rested, they were met with two new individuals. One was a mercenary named Silence Quickslash, who was willing to do practically any job, including assassination. The other was a tribes'mon, a nomad from the unclaimed lands that traveled with a pack named Nyalla. Both agreed to accompany the group to their next destination, one as a contract and the other to eventually reach her tribe.

At one point in Fort Ferrol, a myserious Pokemon named Wem appeared before Raz, with only Raz apparently able to see it. It was a shapeshifter, appearing to continuously change its species at will. It mentioned that in Anatellia, not only was it said that legendaries sometimes walked among normal Pokemon, but that normal Pokemon could also walk among the legendaries. It appeared at the end as a Mew, and vanished without a trace.

Part 2: Anatellia

The group arrived to their next destination, Anatellia, to a less than warm start, both literally and not. They arrived in the Network Point to find themselves in the beginning of a cave overlooking a long white sheet of snow with no visible areas of habitat, along with a group of 'mon known as the Sons of Arceus. The Sons of Arceus were one of the many sects in Anatellia. Sects acted partially like factions, but essentially were nothing more than glorified gangs now. The Sons were the strongest, however, and it was with their leader, Gaiyo Nyys, that the Seekers had a relationship.

Gaiyo introduced himself there, and it was clear he didn't appreciate foreigners being there. Neither did the rest of the Sons. But they allowed the group to remain (under watch) because of Gaiyo's relationship with Obsidian and Penance. Gaiyo led them to the city Reverence below, where they learned that the entire population of Anatellia lived below in the enormous caverns, rather than on the inhabitable surface.

Gaiyo led the group to his house, where he was hesitant on offering them help, but agreed to do so only if they also assisted him in matters going on in Anatellia. He even allowed them to pick the time when they could assist in these matters. The group decided to pursue a lead first, in the form of a legendary that was 'bonded' to Gaiyo. By that, it was meant that Gaiyo and a legendary formed an interdependent and mutual relationship which sometimes occurs between normal and legendary Pokemon. Gaiyo made a marker on the map to where the legendary was staying, and the group went to seek his guidance. He also sent two members of the group, Zai and Silence, on a special assignment to recruit a smaller sect up north.

The legendary 'mon turned out to be a Victini that went by Vee. It was rather cordial and spoke with candor on a lot of matters, a refreshing break from usual legendaries being so cryptic. Vee spoke to the group on a number of subjects. The first was Cresselia, and her location. Vee discussed in length about the message sent to Tollen, which appeared to come from the Victini. She explained about Cresselia, and her connection to a group of legendaries known as the Guardians.

The Guardians are a group of legendaries that aren't born legendaries, but are made. They began as normal Pokemon before they are chosen to ascend to a legendary status. They are selected to help protect and guard the world, to keep it in balance, according to Vee. In order to ascend, they must have two items: their Soul, and their spirit. The spirit is usually found sometimes clinging to another Pokemon. The soul is found in the same sort of stone that Gabriel had in Tollen. It was then learned the difference between Zai's stone, a Mega Stone, and Gabriel's, a Soul Stone. The Mega Stone is what allows normal 'mon to 'walk with legendaries', or to become powerful as them, and on equal terms with them, albeit for a short time. The soul stone is more permanent, allowing a normal 'mon to transform into a legendary permanently. Only it appeared Gabriel had figured out a way to break the permanence of it.

They also confirmed that Gabriel was indeed Darkrai, and that the Greninja form of his was merely his first normal form before he became a Guardian. It then recommended to go and ask the other Guardians about the rest of Cresselia. Now that they knew that the Queen of Tollen was the vessel, they had to find the spirit and the soul.

It was also revealed by Victini that one member of the group happened to be bonded with a legendary. It did not reveal who, though, as it seemed to want to keep that legendary protected, and Vee respected that. After a brief entanglement with Penance, it also stated that the Golduck had a lot of chaos inside of him, to the point where he could almost be a ticking timebomb.

The group headed back to Reverence following their discussion with Vee, with plenty of new information. However, meanwhile in Reverence, things seemed to have happened. As they learned from Gaiyo, an allied sect of his and another sect had a meeting that many didn't know about. Gaiyo wasn't able to uncover the reason or the identities, but he didn't like the secrecy of it. There was also a massacre at an allied sect's 'Rising Ceremony', a ceremony dedicated to the Legendary the sect worships. The Dark Moons, the sect that worships Darkrai, was believed to be behind it.

The group agreed that now was a good time to help Gaiyo with his errands. He sent them off to do three task. The first was to participate in the 'under-race', a race of 'mon riding on top of other 'mon without flying. The second was stopping a 'mon known as the Gambler, who had apparently been gambling with Sons of Arceus. The wager often had been forcing them to join Darkrai's side if they lost. The third task was to intercept a group of Earth Dweller scouts (a sect allied with the Dark Moons) and find out why they were poking around Sons territory.

The under-race went well. Raz, Cal and Kav worked together to defeat the riders from many other sects, including the Reverse Kings, and the leader of the Dark Moons, who was Roxanna, known as the Queen of Darkness. The Gambler task proved more difficult. Each member of the group Gambled in the task, but many ended up losing, including Snype, Thomas, Penance, and a Seeker with Penance. They all lost and were teleported away to one of Darkrai's camps. This one, located in the Path of Nations, a strip of land in between Anatellia, Karn, and Beatruce, had plenty of fighters for Darkrai's side. They met a General there, named Revoll, as well as discovered that the former Alpha Alliance General Grett was alive and well. Penance also became distraught at this point because he saw many of his Seekers, who he adored, turned to the other side. Only in the end, did Anna managed to win against the Gambler, secure the rest back to Reverence, as well as forced the Gambler to submit to the group and return a captive.

The third task seemed easy enough in the beginning. The group tracked down the Earth Dwellers, and intercepted them when they ran. They eventually discovered, however, that the Earth Dwellers were merely reporting in on populations of the area, just to see how many casualties there would be as a result of the bomb that was planted by Roxanna and the Dark Moons earlier. The group desperately searched for a location of the bomb, eventually figuring out from interrogating the Gambler (Ben) that it was in Arceus Orb, one of the larger structures in Reverence, and heavily populated. They found the bomb on top, a converted Mega Stone that only would be stopped if the right 'mon grabbed it. Grabbing it too many times, however, would cause it to go off. Before it detonated, Callimer eventually grabbed the bomb and stopped its detonation, and in the process scored himself a Mega Stone. However, during the bomb fiasco, the Gambler Ben managed to escape thanks to help from another Agent, Alai.

Gaiyo was thankful that the group was successful in completing the tasks. In fact, many Sons looked at them in a better light. He was more cordial, and he even shared with them about a place they could go to to get more info on the Mega Stones, called the Altar of the Divines.

The group set off there after a discussion about where to go next. The journey was approximately 3 days long. When they arrived, however, they found Roxanna there, along with a group of other Agents: James (a Blaziken mercenary), Alai, Grett, and Ben. They concocted a game (made by the Gambler Ben) that would form six pathways. In one pathway was the information the group sought about the Mega Stones. In the other, was the five Agents.

Before the game began, Raz elected to gamble for a chance to secure the info right away. He succeeded and scored the books easily, while the rest split up and headed down separate pathways. Pathway 1 led to James, the mercenary. Anna and Raz went down that path. However, James didn't seem very interested in fighting because he wasn't paid by Gabriel to be there. Raz caught him in a psychic trap and took him away. James didn't struggle much, only relaxed and slept. The second pathway had the books, which Raz collected. Down the third was Alai, who Kaveri had a brief discussion with, before they began to fight. Cal and Conduit went down the fourth pathway, where they fought Roxanna. Guardia and Snype headed to the fifth pathway, and Thomas and Abel went down the sixth.

Guardia and Snype managed to recover a few items in the game the Gambler set up in the fifth pathway. This included information about something known as an 'Ancian', which they had no knowledge of, as well as another Mega Stone, which belonged to Snype. They also managed to make the Gambler submit due to his tarot ability of random card drawing , which forces him to do anything the card suggests. He had to surrender and join their side. Unfortunately, the others weren't fairing well, especially Abel and Thomas, who were revealed by the Gambler to be paired up against the strongest Agent, Grett.

The others fared fairly well, including Cal and Conduit, who were in the process of defeating Roxanna. However, Guardia and Snype ended the game to save Abel and Thomas, and thus teleported everyone away from the Altar. Cal was initially angry about not being able to finish off Roxanna, but eventually calmed down. The group also figured out, thanks to Raz, that Ancian meant 'doorway', though the interpretation of what that meant was subject to much debate, as it could have meant a mental doorway, or possibly a physical one. Regardless, part of Gabriel's plan was to open the Ancian when the time was right. Snype also was convinced to hire the Agent James for a tremendous fee. There was much debate about this from the others, but they eventually conceded.

The group headed back to Reverence for three days, to find that much had happened in the time they were gone. An allied sect broke away from the Sons and the Reverse Kings. Furthermore, a trial was set up for a prominent Son of Arceus for the murder of a Reverse King. Gaiyo believed this to be a set-up by the Dark Moons. Then later, a very prominent and important statue belonging to the Reverse Kings was destroyed. The guilt was pinged somehow on the Dark Moons, who denied this. A few other escalations happened, but the result was civil war seemed to be on the path to break out.

Also during this time, Penance, who had previously been in distress after seeing many of his Seekers on the other side, fall into suicidal thoughts and into a coma. Command of the Seekers was temporarily given to Obsidian, and Penance went deep into his mind to try and figure out some things. The previous prison where Paradox now remained was found by him, along with a mysterious shadow presence in the form of Gabriel. There, Penance and Gabriel had a talk about Paradox, where it was revealed that Paradox wasn't supposed to be a separate entity, but rather a part of Penance that split off. Penance also requested that he go to the camp again, to talk to the 'mon there and possibly join the other side.

A few days later, he was arranged to be teleported to the camp of Darkrai, where he spoke to many individuals, and eventually agreed that Gabriel's side was the right side. Thus, Penance became an Agent of Darkrai.

The group arrived back to find that Gaiyo had called a meeting with the three main sects, the Sons of Arceus, the Reverse Kings, and the Dark Moons, to try and resolve this before they had to fight. The meeting went fairly poorly, and a fight broke out in which Roxanna attacked the group. The fight was brutal, but ended with Roxanna's defeat. There was much debate as to what should come next. Raz and Abel believed that Roxanna should die, but Ben, who was still their captive, pleaded for his friend's life. Cal eventually agreed to keep her alive for now, and Guardia affirmed the decision, much to the chagrin of Raz and Abel.

Even though they defeated Roxanna, Gaiyo explained that war was still inevitable. He was saddened by this, but he felt the Sons' chances of winning were still high. He did suggest that if they did win, they could try and help the group out with their own fighting. They also gave the group a set of information on multiple things, including the Guardians, and the Ancian. They also provided the group with a third Mega Stone that was given to Gaiyo by some explorers. The group left Anatellia after this, and headed back to Fort Ferrol to rest and plan their next move.

Fort Ferrol Again Again


Back in Fort Ferrol, the group had a heated discussion about whether to keep Roxanna alive. Although there were disagreements, they eventually decided to imprison her. Cal and Snype also took the time to discuss their opinions about what the Ancian and the Watcher were, based on the books the group got in Anatellia. The group also ran into one of the Gold Tribe, who dropped of his daughter 'Rattles', a Ferrothorn to tag along with the group. They also learned about Penance joining Darkrai. Obsidian took the news hard, including engaging with Raz briefly in his anger.

Obsidian also learned from the Gold Tribe Dusknoir Wraith who had killed his father, as he was able to contact him in the afterlife. He learned it was a Grand General, Dorrian, who did the deed, a Tropius. Cal and Snype also began trainign with James on using their Mega Stones. James showed them a demonstration of the power, and Cal and Snype both attempted. Cal was able to get close, though not quite pull it off. Snype wasn't able to do as well, as James said there was something holding him back, like a secret he didn't share with anyone, or something of that nature. Guardia and Snype got into a bit of a heated discussion, though the two eventually made up.

The group also decided to finally make the trip to Beatruce to deal with the plague, and whoever controls it. Raz entertained the 'mon of Fort Ferrol with some exciting fireworks.

Part 3: Beatruce


The group arrived in the capital city of Surina to a welcome atmosphere. Unlike previous cities, Beatruce enjoyed an alliance with the Gold Tribe and the Alpha Alliance. They went to meet with the Overseer, who led Beatruce's Senate. The Overseer, Julian Oriah, was a Tangrowth generally known to be fair but calculating. He had agreed to allow a meeting with the group. There, the group asked for assistance in Valkaria as well as information on Cresselia. Julian gave them the info he had heard from a Network Point in the Great Vantage, a part of Beatruce far north and in plague territory, and also where the Beatrucian Gold Tribe was last seen. In it, they had a message received about finding 'hope'. In another message, they also received the location of the one who created the plague, a Pokemon known as Bastille the Priest. He agreed if the group dealt with Bastille, he would provided Beatruce's armies. However, the Network Point was not strong enough to take them to both areas, only to one. With quick thinking from Anna, however, she managed to fix up the Network Points and split the group up. Anna, Guardia, Callimer, Rattles, Thomas and James therefore went to the Great Vantage to find hope, while Raz, Snype, Abel, and Able went to Mercurion to deal with Bastille.

The Great Vantage: The group arrived in the Great Vantage in poor condition. There were few guards, and many ferals in those canyons. They learned that the Beatrucian Gold Tribe, who sent the 'hope' message, hadn't been seen in weeks, but were last seen north. The group decided to head there, where they encountered numerous plagued 'mon. They also encountered a strange writing written on the wall. LE215. James looked at it at one point and mentioned seeing it in Anatellia before. Eventually, they reached the gates of the northern vantage, only to find it completely surrounded by thousands of feral 'mon. However, before they could be overwhelmed, the Beatrucian Gold Tribe arrived and assisted them. Led by Prime, the leader, they helped save the group through a secret passage through the canyon walls to the northern vantage outpost. There, the entire Beatrucian, what was left of them, remained. There was Firebird, Thunder, Prime, Mountain, Terram, Pyre, and a few others. The group learned most of the others perished, including Anzu, Abel's little sister.

However, the group learned the Beatrucian GT were watching a Musharna named Lia, who was what they identified as hope earlier. The Musharna was seemingly immune to the plague, could calm down ferals when they were next to her, and seemed to have other special abilities as well. The Gold Tribe had been trying to find a way back since discovering her, but had been surrounded by the path down, and knew the only working Network Point was south at the Great Vantage. There was a broken one north in a northern town, but they didn't know how to fix it. Thankfully, Anna said she could, so the group decided to go north. However, before they did, Prime said he had to get rid of a group of ferals west, who were the survivors of the Beatrucian Gold Tribe who had turned feral from the plague, including Anzu, Abel's sister. The group broke up again, with Cal, Prime, Terram, Firebird, Thunder, and Pyre going to finish the feral Gold Tribe, and the rest going to fix the Network Point in Warrington.

The feral group eventually found the infected Gold Tribe and fought them. They defeated them, though at the cost of the lives of Terram and Firebird. They eventually began heading back to meet up with the rest of the group at Warrington. Meanwhile at Warrington, the group managed to reach the town. Along the way, another code with the words LE215 was etched into the wall. The town was populated with feral plagued 'mon, though they all seemed docile and asleep. Carefully, they walked around them and Anna began fixing the Network Machine. After some time, however, the ferals suddenly awoke and began attacking. The group defended them, and soon after, the feral group arrived, just in time for Anna to fix the machine. The vantage group all left back to the capital.

Mercurion: Able, Abel, Snype, and Raz arrived in Mercurion to find the plague fully infected there. Ferals swarmed the streets, and a thick plague was surrounding the tallest building. They learned that Bastille resided there. They also learned that he could apparently see anything within the scope of the thick fog, and command others in it. Abel and Able decided to make a distraction in town, while Raz and Snype infiltrated the tower, being protected from the fog (Snype through the golden bracelet and Raz through a Magic Bounce armor he crafted). They encountered many ferals along the way, before finally fighting their way through Bastille. Snype and Raz fought the Agent for a long time, with him proving to be much tougher a fight than Roxanna and Tyren before him. In fact, he seemed too tough to be able to beat by themselves. The two knew they were outmatched, and Snype knew the only way he could beat him was to Mega Evolve. However, he had to relay what was holding him back. Snype whispered something to Raz, seemingly the final piece holding him from Mega Evolving, and did the act. From there, he was able to overwhelm Bastille. Seemingly defeated, Bastille quickly used a trump card, claiming he was holding Abel and Able captive. If they killed him, he would kill them with his fog. Snype agreed to let him go, but ended up backstabbing him with a tricky, powerful move he uncovered in his Mega Evolution. When Bastille died, the ferals in the city and throughout Beatruce seemed to become more insane, targeting everything in their path, including themselves. They seemed to become more disorganized though.

Snype and Raz quickly sought out Able, who was surrounded by ferals. After killing them off, she said Abel was in a similar situation. They went to where he was, only to find all of the ferals dead, and Abel standing there with none other than Gabriel beside him. However, before Snype or Raz could do much of anything, he disappeared. Abel claimed Gabriel said nothing much to him then. The group began to clear out the city of ferals, mostly Snype doing the work as he made the most of the mega evolution. Snype learned from a citizen that there may have been another Agent around Beatruce about a week before. A fire type that was hooded, but who had red and yellow markings. The group returned back to the capital, successful.

Meanwhile, back in Fort Ferrol, Obsidian, who remained behind to rally the remaining Seekers on their side, spoke to Scar in Valkaria to learn that a major offensive was happening in Albia soon, and would involve an invasion possibly of the Thieves Forest.

Part 4: The Watcher

Following the group's successful defeat of Bastille and the recovery of Lia, the group rested in the capital. There, Abel became distraught when he learned about his sister's death. He wanted to talk or see no one. In the confusion of everything, Gabriel paid Abel a visit when he was alone and talked about his sister's death, and hinted that he may be able to help Abel if Abel helped him.

The group also met with the Overseer Julian Oriah, who thanked them for their help in getting rid of the plague, and who agreed to provide Beatruce's full support and armies. The group decided to dispatch part of the forces to Tollen as previously promised. After which, the Senators contacted Guardia and informed her that Tollen now would be providing their full support to Valkaria as well. Both Beatruce and Tollen were now fully on board.

Three weeks past as the group rested. During that time, Snype was visited by one of his thieves who informed him that they were running low on money, and if they kept paying James, they would be completely broke. Snype and Cal together asked for a bargain with James about fighting for free, if Cal were to beat him. James was unclear about accepting, but did mention the fact that he had been training with them because he had believed they had potential to become worthy fights.

After some more time, they were suddenly visited by Vee, who informed them that the Victini had run into Gabriel, who said he had found out about the Watcher. The group then discovered through Vee that the 'mon it stated was bonded to the legendary was among them, and that 'mon was actually bonded to the Watcher. It turned out unexpectedly to be Snype, who informed them that he found out only recently that the legendary he was bonded to was the Watcher.

The group headed into the Thieves Forest, teleporting there in order to save the Watcher from Darkrai. They headed in together, with Snype leading the way. From there, they walked for a while, before finally coming to the Watcher, who happened to be Celebi, the Guardian of the Forest. Celebi seemed very aloof of the matters of the world, and somewhat child-like. But she did know about Gabriel, which is when the very Greninja arrived.

Gabriel told them that he knew about Celebi, but didn't know the specifics, and it was one of them that betrayed them and led him there. After some guessing, James stepped forward and admitted to the betrayal.

Surprised, the group fought against Gabriel as Vee attempted to teleport everyone out of there. Gabriel began overpowering them slowly, and was on hot approach toward Celebi in order to take her. However, Vee managed in the last moments to teleport everyone back to Fort Ferrol. The group teleported in with relief, only to quickly discover that Guardia had taken a lethal blow, and died. Before she did, she named Cal new leader of the Gold Tribe, and ask them all, particularly Snype, to finish what she started.

Still in mourning, the group discovered that the location of Fort Ferrol had been compromised, and that Alai had infiltrated and rescued the captured Roxanna. With a quick decision, the group decided to abandon Fort Ferrol before Gabriel and his forces could come, so they teleported out all of the refugees to Beatruce, Selar Village, and Tollen. Thomas and a few Gold Tribes'mon would look after the refugees. Meanwhile, Vee, Celebi, and the rest of the group would go to the final country in search of the last piece of Cresselia, and for support: Karn.

Part 5: Karn


The group arrived just outside the capital of Daggen in Karn. It was a bit of a walk there, but they reached the capital in a couple of days. Along the way, Celebi reluctantly informed Snype that she saw a premonition while in Karn, that Snype would die, and that the one who would be responsible for that death is a Pokemon named Edgar. Snype became nervous, but pressed on. It became apparent that the country was quite prone to violence early one, with random brawls and duels happening across the street. Daggen was one giant brawling city, and no one seemed safe. The group encountered a group of Pokemon brawling, where only one emerged on top. His name was Sen, and he appeared to be from a class of Pokemon in Karn known as the 'Serving', which were discovered to be former slaves seeking the same status of citizenry as Karnians. To do that, they must defeat 1000 other Pokemon in a fight.

The group learned that Sen knew and had befriended Guardia, and that friendship extended to Sen's superior Hugh, who was one of the five Grand Generals of Karn, and a former Serving who had won his freedom. Sen agreed to take the group to the Tower of Rising, where the Emperor sat. There, they were to be tested to determine if they could stay in the country. The group traveled to the very top of the large tower, and encountered the Emperor: Edgar Rionart.

Snype became worried after learning of the name, and a few things became apparent: First, the Emperor was exceedingly strong, even to Vee, a legendary, as he quickly dispatched most of the group when he decided to personally test them to see their worth. Second, the group quickly discovered that he wore the last piece of Cresselia around his neck in the shape of an orb.

The group fought hard against the Emperor, and eventually he concluded that they were worthy of remaining in Karn. They then began their inquiries into the orb, and of the possibility of Karn helping in the war. The Emperor replied that while they were allowed to stay in Karn, they haven't proven their strength enough to actually be deserving of those favors. They would have to show their reputation and worth in Karn. The Emperor outlined a few activities the group could do in order to boost their reputation. One obvious one was through fighting. That could be challenging strong fighters, like Generals, or fighting in the acclaimed Dueling Tournament up north in Erble. When the group discovered James would be in that tournament, some immediately jumped at the opportunity to participate. The Emperor, seeing their interest in the orb, decided he would give the bonus give of the last piece of Cresselia if they were to win the tournament.

Edgar also informed them of other possible reputation builders. One was climbing Mount Titan, which is the tallest Mountain in Karn, and very hard to climb because of the harsh conditions. Very few have climbed, but those that do have much respect in Karn. One Pokemon that did was Xander Eidragon, one of the 5 Grand Generals and also an open Agent of Darkrai. He was currently forming a rebellion in Karn, which the Emperor said the removal of which could be another way to build reputation. The Emperor said that the group should talk to Gregory, the planner/informer in Karn who handled tasks in the area of information, planning, maintenance, etc.

Before the group left, Snype teased the Emperor somewhat, and the Emperor goated Snype into a fight. Snype, hearing of the earlier premonition of Celebi, refused, which caused the Emperor to take a disliking to Snype, calling him a coward. Raz, on the other hand, made some off comments at him, and the two eventually ended up brawling. Although powerful, Raz managed to hold his own against the Emperor and Edgar took a liking to Raz. Raz did not reciprocate.

The group eventually went to Gregory, where they learned quite a bit about Karn and gained much information. First, they learned that the Emperor actually met Gabriel before. The two Pokemon dueled, and it was the Emperor, and not Gabriel, who had won. This shocked everyone, and the group began making theories about where the Emperor's bizarre power came from. They made a note to figure that question out later. Second, they learned of general activity happening in Karn. Xander was conducting his rebellion in the south, James was joining Erble's tournament up north, and Grett was leading Gabriel's forces in war against Karn to the borders in the west. They also learned about the 5 Grand Generals of Karn, who were Hugh, James, Xander, Boros, and Gregory himself. They also learned some more about the culture in Karn. Snype also learned about an underground group run by a Pokemon known as the Dealer. In Karn, things are quite different in terms of what is legal and illegal, but generally the Dealer was doing things not expect of normal Karnians. He was introducing commerce into the country, and playing at underhanded tricks, something very un-Karnian. Snype made a note to find out more about him. Obsidian also learned that the Pokemon who killed his father was a former Grand General Tropius who was defeated by Xander years ago. Few know if he was still alive, but he is believed to be in Dart to the south, near Xander.

In the end, the group concluded that they would split up and target multiple places to build a reputation. Callimer, Kaveri, Snype, and Abel would go to the tournament. Raz, Vee, Rattles and Cythera would go after Xander to the south. Obsidian would accompany the Xander group for now. Able and Anna would remain in Daggen and assist Gregory with various tasks.

Before they left, Callimer decided to pay a visit to General Hugh and Snype would assist Able and Anna with help for Greg. During Cal's meeting with Hugh, it was discovered that Hugh was friends with Guardia, and that he would assist Callimer if he could too. Hugh told Cal about the plight of the Serving, and how many struggle to find citizenry by their suicide pact of killing 1000 Pokemon each. Hugh said he wants to end the practice, but he needs either the Emperor's support, or 3/5th vote of the Generals to change a law. That meant Callimer either had to convince 2 other generals to vote the same way, or to defeat those Generals and thus take their place. Since two Generals were known Agents, they latter seemed the obvious choice. Hugh agreed to lend his army for Valkaria and ally if Callimer agreed to help Hugh. Hugh said Sen would help guide the group to Erble, and would even participate in the tournament with them.

Snype meanwhile went with Anna and Able to help Gregory with something Greg called the 'Death Census', which was literally counting all of the dead bodies in Daggen. It was a strange job to do, but they agreed. During this trip, Snype ran into a very drunk Mienshao, who was kicked out of a bar, and almost attacked. Snype prevented the attack, even though the attackers warned against not letting them kill the Mienshao. Snype carried the Mienshao back to his home, where another hooded 'mon was waiting. He was cryptic, but Snype learned that the Mienshao was Drake the Marauder, and, as the hooded 'mon put it, was the 'mon that would change Karn."

Snype learned from Greg later that Drake was in fact a mercenary for hire. One of his ticks was drinking before a job. However, Drake typically drinks a lot or a little depending on the size of the job. The last time Drake drank that much, he managed to take down a Grand General. However, instead of taking up the position of Grand General as was custom, Drake abdicated, and thus another took his place. Snype learned it was Greg who took that General's place.

Daggen: Able and Anna spent their time in Daggen doing various tasks for Gregory. Most of the time, it involved delivering messages. Able, who was extremely fast, was quite efficient in that regard. She delivered many different messages across Daggen, including to a Camperupt called Rolph, and another Hitmonchan named Dill. Dill, when she visited him, mistook Able for someone else for the moment, ranting to her about his men who died in the south, and about other matters. Able was confused but tried to press him, but Dill, realizing he may have made some mistake, asked her a strange question: What color was the ice sheets of Titan?

Able, being somewhat confused, didn't know how to answer, and Dill immediately became more polite and sent her on her way. Able wondered what the business was about, but decided to let it go for now.

Later on, Able discovered from Greg that an Agent was here in Daggen, Alai, and he was messing with Gregory's operations. Greg asked Able to steal back something Alai stole from him, but he cautioned her that Alai was very tricky. Able managed to find Alai, and located the box that Alai had. Before she could steal it, he confronted her, and tried to talk to her. Alai began making several incriminating statements about Gregory, and about he wasn't who he appeared to be, that he was quite a dangerous and nasty 'mon. Able, somewhat believing Alai, listened, and the two chatted for a while. When Able asked what was inside the box, Alai said it was dangerous and she was best not knowing. Alai said he was trying to take down Greg's dangerous operation here and that Able could help. Able said she would think about it. Alai allowed Able to take the package.

When Able returned to Gregory, she was more cautious, and she wanted to know more about the package and his operation, Gregory explained that Alai was a known trickster and most likely was playing Able, and what was inside the box was information about his operation, including names and locations. Able felt frustrated that Alai deceived her, but still felt she wasn't getting the whole story.

Xander: The group of Raz, Cythera, Rattles and Vee made the long trip down south to find and defeat Xander. Along the way, they encountered an odd Garchomp who apparently hailed from a foreign country. He was named Percival, and had just defeated 30 or so Pokemon who were apparently sent to kill him. He seemed quite polite, so the group chatted with him and got along alright. He informed them he would be heading to Erble to check out the tournament, and if he saw the rest of their group, he would say hello.

The group then arrived in a town at the base of Mount Titan. Here, the divides of the country was apparent. Half of the town supported the Emperor. The other half supported a Pokemon known as the Beast: Xander Eidragon. His high support was the result of many not liking some of the Emperor's policies about the Serving, preferring to see them as slaves. They also liked that fact that Xander managed to make the dangerous climb up Mount Titan.

They passed through the town and eventually discovered Xander's encampment. There, they discovered 'mon could challenge Xander one on one. Raz elected to do so, and they met Xander, an Ursaring. The two fought, and Xander elected to use many boosting moves which continuously boosted his stats. For some reason, he could still continue to do so even though most normal Pokemon couldn't stand the strains it would put on their body. Raz ended up matching some of those stat boosts to a certain limit, but Xander's kept going up. Raz eventually ended up stabbing Xander with his staff, but even that didn't end up killing him. The group, realizing that Raz may not be able to win the fight, elected to depart. Even though they surrounded, they received help from a Tropius in a cloak, who Obsidian believed to be the one who killed his father. Nevertheless, the group teleported away.

As they regrouped, the group believed that Xander was likely using Groudon's Gift (explained below), and elected to teleported back to Daggen to learn more about it, and to counter Xander's apparent immortality.

Erble Tournament: Snype, Callimer, Kaveri and Abel headed north to participate in the dueling tournament soon after their business in Daggen was concluded. Along the road, they ran into another group, where one of their members were poisoned somehow. The poison snuck up on the 'mon by another Pokemon they encountered, and he died soon after. The poison was discovered to be something called Groudon's Farewell, also called Groudon's Gift, which was the strongest poison known to the world. It is very rare, said to only grow on the top of Mount Titan, where very few have climbed. They learned the poison come from the plant, and that boiling the plant produced the opposite effect of the poison: regenerative abilities. The group decided to travel with the two remaining members of that group, Airen and John. Both were also traveling to Erble to participate in the tournament. They were also second-class Karnian citizens, originally not from Karn but rather conquered territories Karn had taken.

Another night along the way, the group ran into Percival, who was also there to participate in the tournament, and he informed the group he had encountered the other half of the group traveling toward Xander. However, they also encountered a Camerupt named Rolph, who seemed intent on killing Percival for some reason. Rolph was learned to be a mercenary of sorts. Rolph agreed later to take out Percival in the tournament.

The group eventually reached the tournament, whereby they registered and participated. They encountered not only James, but also Roxanna, both of which decided to join. The first round was a battle royale, where there were eight different arenas and where hundreds of Pokemon joined in, with only two from each arena moving onto the next round. The battles were tough, but eventually the sixteen managed to emerge: Snype, Callimer, James, Roxanna, Drake the Marauder, Airen, Pericval, Mei Yun (a Gold Tribes'mon from Beatruce), Abel, the Wyvern (a former Serving turned mercenary), Rolph, Dolan, Atlas, and Rebel (a known dueler and one of Greg's associates).

In the first fight, Roxanna was paired up with Airen, but Roxanna emerged victorious. Callimer then fought Abel, an emotional match which ended with Abel seemingly somewhat accepting the fate of his sister, Anzu. Next was Mei Yun v. the Wyvern, where the Wyvern prevailed. Atlas fought Rebel, who ended up winning. Kaveri fought the tough Dolan but won. Rolph and Percival fought in a match that was one of the closest. Neither gave way, but eventually Percival won. Rolph highly respected Percival afterward however. James then fought Sen. Unfortunately, Sen was no match for the Grand General, and Sen not only lost, but died, tragically right before he reached his 1000 mark and gained his freedom.

In the last fight, Snype was to fight Drake. However, before the fight begun, Drake suddenly gave up, giving the fight to Snype. Many in the audience, including the Emperor, was displeased by that. Many assumed some sort of collusion. Snype followed Drake afterward to find out why he gave up. He met him in a bar, where the two briefly talked. Snype didn't find out much, other than it was a bad idea for them to be seen together, as some would suspect they planned this.

During the break between rounds, Snype was approached by someone who worked with the Dealer. He extended an invitation to join. Even though he was somewhat conflicted about it, Snype agreed, thinking there would be benefit in it. A pass-code they use to identify each other is the question: What color are the ice sheet of Titan? The response is: blood red, but not for long.

The next round of the tournament began a few days after, whereby the Emperor specifically handpicked the named of the contestants from a large sack brought by a Meowth. There, the next round was selected. Atlas v. Snype, Kaveri v. James, Callimer v. the Wyvern, and Roxanna v. Percival.

Back in Daggen: The Xander group returned to Daggen and talked to Greg about Groudon's Gift. He informed them he did not know much about where to find some, but said some may have it. The group figured if they couldn't beat Xander through getting some more of Groudon's Gift, maybe they could do it with Mega Stones. They decided to head to the temples, but first made their way to Erble to meet up with the rest of the group, figuring they ought to do it together. Greg offered teleportation transport.

Obsidian, however, remained in Daggen, after learning about Alai being there. He heard from Greg that Alai was having troubles, and figured he may better serve trying to help out there. Obsidian also discovered Alex in Daggen, as well as another Pokemon, Killian, and a handful of other SEC that were living in Karn for quite some time under another branch of SEC, known as SEI. Together, the group, along with Able, decided to do something about Alai (as in get him out of Daggen), as Greg offered a reward for doing so.

Able decided to approach Alai again and talk to him while the others would try and spy and discover what they could. In the second conversation, Alai informed Able that Greg had dozens of Mega Stones he was planning on using. Able, shocked at this, informed the others, just before Alai stated he would leave Daggen and Karn for now. The group, technically successful, came back to Greg, along with the information about the Mega Stones. Greg once more informed them that Alai deceived them, that he didn't have all of those stones. Instead, he revealed two things: he was the Dealer, and the true contents he had was a small amount of Groudon's Gift, most of which Alai stole. Greg now urged the groups to remain in Daggen, though the urge was more a subtle order.

The Temples: The Xander group reunited with the tournament group and they all decided to go to the temples together, except for Snype, who was suddenly called upon to do a mission for the Dealer. This involved working with Drake, who apparently also was working for him. Their mission was to follow a Meowth, find out where he lives, and break into his house. After doing so, they let Snype go. Snype wondered what this was all about.

Meanwhile, the group split up and headed toward the temples from Anatellia, where Vee had been before. Raz, Cythera, Rattles and Vee headed toward the Temple of Life. Kaveri, Abel, Percival and Callimer headed toward the Temple of Balance. Before heading into the Temple of Life, Raz and the Emperor had a conversation,
where the Emperor revealed a name that went by Birabarn, and that it might be someone the group should pay a visit to with regards to Groudon's Farewell.

At the Temple of Life, the group successfully summoned and spoke to Kyogre.
The conversation did not initially go well, as Raz seemed to insult the legendary 'mon. However, the Kyogre revealed a bit of information, including that The Emperor was his chosen vessel which he combined his power of life to. This gave the Emperor his prolonged life and made him invincible from most deadly situation.
The Emperor's strength, however, was his own, as was revealed. It was also revealed that Groudon's Gift was Kyogre's creation, and the opposite effect of Groudon's Farewell was one of the ways the Emperor's abilities could be taken away. Kyogre also provided additional Mega Stones to the group, and infused his power into them so that the first transformation would be without any of the fallback repercussions that usually occur. Kyogre also revealed that most of the other Guardians have already abandoned the fight. Most are either preparing for the end or are too afraid to confront Gabriel.

During their conversation, Agents of Darkrai, including Xander, James, Roxanna, the Abomasnow Wyatt, Alai, and a cloaked agent appeared. They all then went for Kyogre, attempting to subdue him with some sort of power the cloaked agent carried. During this fight, Cythera successfully used her combination stone to make a permanent transformation into a Mega-Florges, one whose power was a bit weaker than regular Mega-evolutions, but who had similar abilities. The drawbacks was shortened life. The group pushed back the agents, but unfortunately, they could not stop them from reaching Kyogre. Kyogre was forced to depart from the temple, and was not killed. But any bond he shared in the world was broken. Luckily, however, it was also revealed that anyone who had bonds with anything from Groudon's Gift was also broken, this including Xander. However, there was also a possibility that Xander had more of the plant to use.

At the Temple of Balance, the group encountered a Dratini emissary who worked for the legendaries. He explained that the duo of Reshiram and Zekrom would only allow those who are worthy to pass, those who have a deep bond. Since Callimer and Kaveri were siblings, they were deemed worthy. Meanwhile, Percival stood in a place which prevented others from going inside to disturbed the two, sort of like a spell. However, Percival is not able to move while the spell is active. Able agreed to watch over Percival while the meeting took place.

Inside, Cal and Kav met the duo Guardians. The duo were more pessimistic about the state of the world. They explained that because of the absence of Cresselia for so long, the world was thrown off balance, and the world was dying. The end was coming, and nothing could stop it now, so the duo would not interfere in the current fight. Cal and Kav passionately requested their assistance regardless, and managed to convince them to give them a few Mega Stones, and infuse the ones they already had so that the bad effects wouldn't take place right away.

Outside, Abel encountered Agent Grett. He had a discussion with him, where Grett tried to turn Abel into killing Percival so that they could both kill the legendaries and the others inside. Grett played on the fact that Abel lost everything, and Gabriel could give it back. After a bit of deliberation, Abel vehemently refused, and fought the Agent as a true Gold Tribesman would. Grett ended up killing Abel over there, but Abel never faltered in his beliefs, and successfully prevented Grett from interrupting the meeting. Cal and Kav came outside just in time to say their farewells to Abel before he passed. Percival was also formally declared a member of the Gold Tribe.

Back in Daggen and the road to Birabarn: Raz informed the rest of the group about Birabarn, and the group decided that this was one avenue they could pursue. Anna, Able, Vee, Raz, Cythera, Rattles and Obsidian decided to talk it over with Greg and see if he had any information. Greg warned the group not to pursue Birabarn, that it would interfere with his plans. But he didn't explain why.

The group decided to ask about Birabarn from Hugh, who told them that Birabarn was a former General a while back who challenged Emperor Rionart, and caused one of the most massive civil wars in Karn's recent time. He did not know much beyond that.

Erble Tournament: Quarter-Finals Continued: The quarter finals continued, with Callimer facing off against the Wyvern. The match was tough, but Callimer managed to come out victorious after the Wyvern gave up. This was apparently due to the Wyvern's status as a serving and after hearing about Callimer's intentions for fighting.

After their fight, James fought against Kaveri. The fight was intense and was back and forth, before James mega-evolved. The fight ended up being one-sided for a while, before Kaveri too decided to mega-evolve. Even in her state, however, James had the advantage of doing this evolution before. He seemed to have the advantage most of the match, before Kaveri ended up coming away with the victory, and James' death in a surprising twist of a move.

The following fight, Roxanna fought against Percival. In another surprise, Percival seemed to defeat and kill Roxanna. Roxanna's followers tried to kill Percival, but Rolph, in a surprise move, came over to help the Garchomp, perhaps out of respect. The Semi-final combatants were all set, with both Agents remaining in the tournament being defeated in the quarterfinal round. Only Percival, Callimer, Kaveri and Snype remained.

The Dealer's plans: While in recovery, Snype was paid a visit by a Furret from the Dealer. He said he was going to be a part of the plans soon, and that he should expect to get tapped for an assignment soon. The message was cryptic, but Snype seemed to still be on board. Whatever was going to happen would happen at the semi-finals.

Snype then had a conversation with Callimer, where Cal confronted Snype on all of his dealings and going behind people's backs. Snype was upset, before Cal revealed that he did that to have any potential spies not know that they were on the same page on this. Celebi arrived and revealed the room was warded off, and then Snype told Cal about his dealings with the Dealer. He also explained that the Dealer was most likely Gregory. At this, Cel stated that he wasn't and that Greg was going against the Dealer, that he was told by a Camerupt who was his friend. This confused Snype and Cal even more, and took them by surprise. Cel did say that whoever the dealer was, the Camerupt said he was an ally.

Birabarn: The rest of the group traveled to meet Birabarn, who was revealed to be an old Nidoking. He was a former Grand General, and apparently he was also the Emperor's former best friend. He revealed the history of the two, and how they diverged in paths. Birabarn wanted more radical, fast change in Karn. The Emperor wanted to make change happen more smoothly so 'mon could adapt. They fought and it ended up going to civil war. Birabarn revealed however that the war was still ongoing and the fight wasn't lost. He also revealed that two 'mon came to visit him: one identified as the Dealer and the other as a Grand General, a Snorlax and a Simisage. It appeared that Gregory visited Birabarn as a rouse of the Dealer, while whoever Gregory was fighting against ended up taking his identity and going as 'Gregory' the Grand General. It was revealed to be Alai.

Obsidian, angry, returned to Gregory to get answers, only to find Gregory dead, the result of Groudon's Farewell.

The Semi-Finals Choosing Ceremony: Everyone gathered at the Semi-finals choosing ceremony, where the Emperor reached into the large sack to choose names for the fighters. However, as he did this, someone, later discovered to be Drake, teleported into the sack, and used Groudon's Farewell on the Emperor. The two fought as the Emperor fought off poison. With Kyogre's bond now broken with the Emperor, the poison seemed to be affecting him. The Emperor defeated Drake but seemed badly shaken and wounded.

At this point, Alai arrived and declared himself a new Grand General after killing Greg. He challenged the Emperor to allow others to challenge him should they choose to if they won the tournament. The Emperor seemed to be heavily affected by the poison, but agreed regardless.

Not too long after, it was discovered that the rest of Percival's crew was captured by the Dealer (Alai's) men, and they were holding him hostage in exchange for fighting for the other side. Rolph revealed this to the group, and said that out of respect for Percival, he was going to try to find the crew. Obsidian agreed to do the same, after previously discovering similar info by the borders of Karn with Alex and Kilian. Obsidian paid a visit to Hugh, hoping to gather some information. He then tailed a few Pokemon Hugh pointed to that could potentially lead them to the crew. He discovered one location at the edge of Karn, and followed those 'mon toward that location. He then discovered where half of the crew was being held. Obsidian went back to Hugh, and requested assistance in getting this half, knowing this might make the other have perish. Hugh agreed after hearing one of the guards was Mance, one of the best mercenaries in Karn. With Hugh and a few other Serving, Obsidian went back to the location and confronted Mance and the other guards. In a surprise move, Mance quickly gave up, saying he did not think even with his abilities could he win a fight against Hugh and company. Half of the crew was recovered, but the other half didn't appear to be yet.

Erble Tournament: Semi-Finals: During the Semi-Finals, Snype fought against Percival. During the fight, Snype discovered that Percival was not only formidable opponent, but also had a Mega Stone with him. Snype tried his best, but in the end did not choose to Mega Evolve and lost the fight. Callimer meanwhile fought Kaveri in a tough sibling fight, with Callimer taking the victory, and the title of Grand General from his sister.

The final was set for Percival v. Callimer, in a fight which was bound to be something spectacular. And it was, the fight went on for quite a while, with both 'mon even going into their Mega Evolutions. Percival was clearly fighting to the death, as he did not want harm to come to his crew. Callimer was fighting to secure the last piece of Cresselia.

As the fight went on, Raz, Vee and Cythera managed to do a few experiments with the Mega Stones to allow Raz to transform into a Mega for a temporary while. The level was the same as Cythera's permanent mega-evolution, but without the permanence because of Raz's strange evolutionary block in his body.

During the fight, Rolph managed to recover the second half of Percy's crew as well. They were all teleported to the tournament grounds, where Percival managed to see them at one point during the fight, close to the climax. Although the two seemed to be able to continue and fight more, Percival had no reason to fight anymore as his crew was recovered, and he yielded the tough bout. Callimer was crowned champion of the tournament.

Not too long after, the group was paid a visit by the Emperor. Still weakened from the poison, he said the group earned his respect and that he would grant them the last piece of Cresselia, as promised. Cal also asked at that moment if the Serving practice could be expunged, as they now had 3 votes from Grand Generals to pass law. The Emperor agreed. The group decided not to take up Alai's offer and challenge the Emperor in a fight. Instead, Callimer asked the newly inducted Percival to remain in Karn while the Emperor decided whether to assist the group in fighting in Valkaria, and watch him to make sure nothing befell him. With all 3 pieces of Cresselia in their possession, it was finally time for them to return to Valkaria, and finish their fight with Darkrai.

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