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Hello! I started an egglocke recently after wanting to do it for awhile, and I decided to post it here since people seemed interested! :D This is my first time posting something like this so it may be a bit of a mess, but I'll make sure to try cleaning it up a bit! ^^;

-All of the basic Nuzlocke rules (one Pokemon per route, Pokemon who faint are dead, nickname all Pokemon)
-All Pokemon caught must be traded for an egg, and I can't know what's in it! (Most fun part lol!)
-Not sure if there's gift Pokemon in this game, but any gifts/legends will be traded for eggs!
-Game ends when beating the E4, or when whatever story after the E4 is complete! (No spoilers please!)
I think that's it, if I forgot something I'll add it in later ^^;
-No doubles! Any doubles can be re-egged(?) even if the double is already dead.
-Dead Pokemon are going to the 'hospital' instead, so that I can take them out after the challenge is over, but only once it's over!
So I did start this thread after the challenge, so I'm currently at Hau'oli city with 4 pokemon, pokemon were from the starter, route 1, area by proffesor's house, and the trainer's school. I thought I was supposed to have one more now but I can't figure out the map to check where I would've gotten it from. :L Instead of looking for an egg every time I get to a new route I'm keeping some in a box to swap out whenever I catch a new wild pokemon. I'll be putting usernames of who gave me which Pokemon so they can check in on the eggs! (Gonna have to find the usernames from discord and I'll edit the first ones in!) :D

Currently I've just gone through the trainer's school and am in Hau'oli city, my current team is:

Blaine(M)Abra lv. 10
First hatch! Named him after David Blaine the magician!

Chene(M)Totodile lv. 10
Got one of my favorites! Named after the Chene bayou in Louisiana, my totodile in XD was named after the Teche Bayou, and both are near each other!

Nicro(M)Pinsir lv. 8
Got this name from the burrowing beetle, was on a list for being the most fatherly bug, and I just shortened the scientific name. :P

Flappy(M)Aerodactyl lv. 3
Most recent hatch! Had a friend name this one and I think it's a really cute name. :)

Someone gave me some really cool ball combos too! Chene is in a lure ball, Nicro in a sport ball, and Blaine in a level ball! Also a poke with a moon ball in an egg!

So I'm gonna go back to playing now and hopefully give another update before bed haha! Oh and I'm still in need of eggs, anything works and I love using Pokemon I've never used before! (Also, totodile's animations are absolutely adorable omfg)