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Hack name: Pokémon Sweet 2th
Hack of: Pokémon FireRed US Version 1.0 ROM
Language: English

Reminder: When you play this game in VBA make sure to change the emulator's save settings to Flash 128k or you can't save! I also recommend having rewind enabled for your safety.

Two and a half years ago, I dropped Fire Red and a box of chocolate bunnies into a blender. This resulted in two things: The world's worst smoothie, and an idea for a ROM hack in which the world of Pokémon melds with Candyland in every respect, from the Pokémon themselves to the moves that they used. And then I actually made that ROM hack, and it proved to be a refreshing hit with players, as is evident by the amount of fanart that began to pop up. Heck, I even made TVTropes! You guys really know how to butter me up.

The fanart and fan sprites, coupled with the fact that the original hack was made during a time when I wasn't all that experienced with hacking Fire Red, inspired me to create a sequel - this time using all the knowledge I had gained in those two years, an entirely new region instead of a reskin of the original, and more than double the number of PokéSweets the original had. Throw in a twist or two that you might not be expecting, and here we are:

- Crafting: Just like the previous hack, craft EV items out of berries, this time at any house with a kitchen sink
- Fast Travel: Anytime you are outdoors, you can warp to any known location using the Start menu
- No HMs here: Your PokéSweets clear obstacles without need for HMs or badges
- Customizable music: Use the Music Player item to change what music plays in battle
- A grand total of 386 PokéSweets: The original 151 return, along with over 200 new treats made by the fans
- Mega Evolutions: Courtesy of Touched, 25 real Mega Evolutions, fresh out of the oven
- Non-linear map: Depending on the starter you select, you will take one of three routes through the region
- Sidequests: Just like before, many NPCs will reward you for completing their tasks
- Non-breaking Sweet Balls: Your balls don't break if they fail to capture, but they are now more expensive to compensate
- Cookbook incentives: Get rewarded with cool items for Cookbook completion


And before I forget, the type chart is the same as before:


Note: The patch for this hack is a UPS patch, which is a less common patch type. If you don't have a program that can apply such a patch, there's a pretty nice one here: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/606/

11/25/2016 update patch

Download here!

Hey everyone, I've got a bugfix patch for you all. This patch makes the following changes:
- A bug was fixed where certain types were not displayed in the status screen
- A bug was fixed where Banana moves display as "Dark"
- Phangum's sprite was fixed
- Certain cave maps had bugged exits; these were fixed
- Strength boulders that weren't supposed to be movable are no longer movable
- A bug was fixed where you could fight your rivals multiple times when you're only supposed to once
- Several glitched items, collision errors and map connections were fixed
- M. Lempras can now only be fought once, the related event having been fixed
- One of the badges was originally unobtainable due to the wrong flag being set. This has been fixed
- Chocosaur can cut trees now. Still need to check and see if any others lose the ability to cut/strength/surf upon evolving, so let me know if that happens.
- A glitch involving the camera moving in one scene was fixed by simply not having the camera move at all anymore. No big deal.

You can tell which version of the game you're playing by the date on the title screen, that's the build date. Please report any further bugs I may have missed, thank you!

12/13/2016 update patch

Download Here!

Okay, this should fix the issue where encountering Candform freezes the game. In case something still goes wrong with him, I've removed him as a random encounter; instead there is now a house in Bakewell Island where you can recieve him as a gift Pokemon. The same house will also have an NPC that teaches Metronome if you so desire it.

I've also taken the opportunity to add a new feature - previously, I left the Pokedex unchanged from vanilla Fire Red, but in the newest patch, the Pokedex can now sort the Pokesweets you've collected by who it was that made its sprite. It's quite interesting to look at who made what; we've all got unique styles IMO.

1/2/2017 update patch

Download Here!

This patch fixes a few errors regarding the typing of some Pokesweets and moves as well as another error that prevented encounters from occurring on Route 4. Happy New Year!

1/18/2017 bugfix patch
Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?93s8baqi6yojd5w

7/17/2017 bugfix patch
Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tvtdlas5emilrga/PokeSweet2th_7_17_2017.ups

8/08/2017 bugfix patch
Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3ylc8iydvv673av/PokeSweet2th_8_08_2017.ups

8/21/2017 bugfix patch
Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zxj8894tu96uvkr/PokeSweet2th_8_21_2017.ups

Spriters: (Look em' up on DeviantArt!)

SgtSmilies - Region Map

Stuff I used:

MrDollSteak - Decap ROM Base
Doesntknowhowtoplay - Inverse Battles, IV display (modified by me to display EVs)
Touched - Mega Evolution
Navenatox - Dynamic Overworld Palettes
JPAN - Save Block Recycler
Jambo - Safe Flags/Vars
Ismash - Capture EXP (Though it doesn't seem to work alongside the other Pokeball hack)
Shiny Quagsire - Berry Bag Selection
FBI - Multibox hack
NewDenverCity - Speeding Up FireRed
~Ruki! - HGSS Kanto Reloaded Music