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Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Okay, I'm just going to go through and give you my thoughts on each of your new pieces.

Peaceful Park - I like the composition of this one and understand what you were going for, but the colors are lacking and you don't get as big of a contrast between the lighting (sun) and say the flowers. Maybe reprocess it?

Water Spout - Also a nice piece composition wise. I'm guessing you were going with a fast shutter which if a little faster might have added a bit more definition to the center spout.

Aerial Ace - Interesting depth of field and focusing, nice use of rule of thirds in regards to the d.o.f. =)

One Way Traffic - Personally, this is my favorite of your new shots. I'm an absolute sucker for shots like this. Beautifully done.

Cabot - I'm always a fan of interesting architecture, and this piece does the that well. The lighting keeps the eye focused the main object, while providing movement to keep you engaged.

Solidarity - Not too keen on this one, it's pretty plain with uninteresting lighting. Just feels as though it's lacking something.

Anyways, I was impressed and glad to see a quality increase from those cosplay portraits to these new ones. Maybe I should finally get around to building my own gallery.
Cheers for that!
The only one I will comment on is the Solidarity.
What I was going for was little is more. The one fountain on a grey background to link to loneliness and Solidarity :P

Thank you for your comments.
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