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    Originally Posted by kebbles View Post

    Oh good :) yeah I wish i could do that but I'm not good at that kinda stuff.
    Theres a bubble roughly every two seconds.

    Thanks man, i appreciate that alot :D

    Another Update: (Cause I felt bad for the small one)
    I've just finished the starter script and I'm ready to start on the first actual town.
    Also I've inserted Beldum, he still has Bulbasaurs cry as I inserted him over Bulba so I could add more moves to Beldum.

    Also introducing the first new move (I've made a few already though)
    Power - 50
    Effect - Nothing

    Enjoy :)
    nice i have a feeling ima love this even more nice idea for a starting atk^^ was wondering if you decided what the rivals poke will be yet?

    EDIT: every two seconds ok thats a decent enough time frame it will work for now but i still wanna test it to actually see xD! cant wait for this beta its gotta a heck of a lot better my favorite so far.^^
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