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Is this okay so far (I wrote for the team not just a starter).

Name: Corvin White

Age: 15 (Is it possible to have him as on the later edge of 15, I know it is kind of odd but I get weird about playing younger characters).

Trainer: B/W Male

Lv 18
Tackle, Growl, Mudslap, Water Gun, Ice Punch

Lv 14
Night Slash, Horn Attack, Leer, Fury Attack, Arial Ace

Personality: Corvin is the kind of person that could be taken in a lot of different ways depending on what you yourself are like. His primary character trait is that he is a very hard worker and has a tendency to expect others to push themselves as much as he does, which few people actually do, and he tends to view those he regards as slackers with distaste (to put it mildly). He is the sort of person who pushes himself and his team mates hard always looking to achieve higher goals and is somewhat of a perfectionist, always trying to fix flaws in his battling style. This hard working, perfectionist attitude can cause him to not just be hard on others but also on himself.

Despite what could be described as a fairly intense attitude towards life he is usually not a cruel or disrespectful person and treats his pokemon with care and respect, they are not just tools they are his companions and his team mates. He may not have the same gushy relationship with them that many trainers do with their pokemon but through the hard work that goes into Corvin’s training he forms an unshakable bond with his partners fairly quickly.

His attitude towards people and other pokemon is fairly similar, although there certainly are differences. He will treat you with respect upon first meeting you but if he believes you to be disrespectful, arrogant or especially if he believes you to be lazy this respect will quickly turn into malice, and he is not a person whose bad side you want to be on. If he doesn't like you he is fully prepared to go out of his way to make your life a living hell. He may not be a terrible person, but to call him a saint would be a massive overstatement.

Corvin may not be a genius but he is quite smart and excels in anything battling related. He is skilled at thinking on his feet and having grown up in a family of breeders he has learned a thing or two about analylisng his opponent’s pokemon. Despite his obvious strengths Corvin’s determination and confidence can sometimes be as much of a hindrance as it is an asset. He can become too caught up in the moment or too emotionally invested in his battles and this will sometimes cloud his judgement.

A summary of Corvin would be to simply say that he is a determined and hard working young trainer with a lot of potential but he still has a lot of growing up to do.

Corvin walked into Viridian City’s pokemon centre a large enough building but with a fairly meagre reputation when compared with nearby Pallet Towns own base for anything scientific, Oak's lab, which was a fair bit smaller but was also the workplace of world-renowned Professor Oak who, unlike Viridian’s Professor Pine, was very well known by trainers and non-trainers alike throughout the world. It was just barely light outside, Corvin wanted to get going as soon as he could and his family, who were breeders, wanted to inspect his chosen starter.

“Hello?” Corvin called out. The pokemon centre was well lit but the professor nor the nurse or Pine's assistants were in sight. He assumed that anyone who was there was likely in a back room and decided to wait a while longer. Corvin was left waiting for several minuted before the young woman walked out of a door set in the back of the main room.

“Oh? You must be Corvin” she yawned audibly “I’m professor pine, it is nice to meet you. Even at this ungodly hour”. Ignoring the fact that nearly seven o’clock in the morning was far from an ungodly hour Corvin responded to the professor
“Thank you for seeing me this early Professor. I wouldn’t have bothered you at this time but I’d like to reach Pewter in the next couple of days and Viridian Forest isn’t exactly a small patch of shrubbery to walk through”.
“It certainly isn’t” she replied to Corvin, who was eager to get his first pokemon.

Professor Pine led Corvin to a small side room containing a strange scientific device, within which several pokeballs sat. It seemed a screen would display what was within the ball when prompted. Corvin cycled through the options, assessing the choices available to him.
Quilava? It’s powerful and fast, but it isn’t going take hits well. Especially from the first two gyms I’ll be travelling to... Bayleef? It was a fairly stocky and well-rounded pokemon he guessed but it didn’t really sit well with him. Dewott? He could handle a Dewott, they were some tough pokemon. As Corvin reached down to pick up Dewott’s ball he brushed a ball he had accidentally missed cycling through, prompting the screen to display the entrapped pokemon’s information. It was another water-type, a Marshtomp. Corvis looked it over and considered it
Radar fins, sturdy body, excellent typing with only one weakness and an egg move that covers it? Perfect.

“I’ll take the Marshtomp please”. It was that sentence that was about to change his life forever and he knew it, in fact he embraced the change.

No more than twenty minutes later he was at his house again, a rather small place on the outskirts of the large city to accommodate the large backyard his parents sometimes needed for their work as breeders, a job he had learned a lot about but had never really become interested in. His parents were primarily consultants rather than actual breeders, although they did breed occasionally. Through their work they had even worked with Professor Pine and Professor Oak. They had been rather disappointed that Oak hadn’t had anything available for Corvin, but Corvin was happy to start with one of Pine's starter options and was very pleased with his choice of a starter.

Opening the door Corvin walked in and was immediately greeted by ecstatic greeting from his family, many of whom had gathered to see him off on his journey.
“Let’s see what you have chosen” prodded his father
“Sure” responded the experience breeder’s son “Royal, come on out”. He had named his pokemon earlier on at the pokemon centre, Royal had seemed a fitting name for the pokemon.
“Marshtomp!” The pokemon stood a bit taller than Corvin’s hip, and had a ridiculous grin permanently attached to its face, but Corvin could tell he was fighter.
“Not bad” his father complimented, looking over the dual water/ground-type
“Only one weakness, in excellent shape. I’m suitably impressed, is this one of ours?” that had been his mother, a bit of a ditz but a very intelligent and talented woman.
“Nope, we haven’t had anything from Hoenn for months” his father replied still eyeing Royal intently. That continued on for another half-hour as Corvis was plied with question after question until finally, after a rather emotional farewell from his parents, sister... and about twelve or thirteen other relatives each more obscure than the last, many whom Corvis didn’t even recognise he was finally out the door and on route two, ready for his adventure to begin.
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