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Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
Could I please use my old SU with the Black 2 male, and Dewott instead of Ivysaur?
Yes, you may! Do you want more pokémon from the previous routes, if you start in chapter 3?
Please state what Egg Move you'd like for Dewott, and what other pokémon you want (if any). The more pokémon, the lower levels, of course.

Originally Posted by deathbymanga View Post
Tropius (Lv. 14)
Razor Leaf

As Topaz reached his pre-adolescence years, he began to feel more and more human traits that he couldn't understand. He got angry and could control it as easily, he became attracted to female humans more often than female pokemon (Yes this has happened, why do you think Sabrina can use Psychic?). As he discussed these problems with both Prof. Pine and his family, they explained that if he wanted to understand his emotions that were most human, he needs to learn how other humans handle these very same emotions. To do this, Pine suggested to Topaz that he take the Pokemon Journey that all trainers his age do and learn about the human world that he has never gotten a real chance to interact with. Since he would most likely get lost on his way, Prof. Pine decided to take Topaz for a lift in his car to take him to Pewter City, that way he wouldn't get lost or sidetracted in the maze of a forest located before Pewter City.
Ok, you may have Servine and Iron tail, but Tropius was not in any of the previous chapters so you cannot have that.
Please look at the posts for chapter 1 and chapter 2 (can be found in the first post of the IC thread) and see if you want to have caught any of the pokémon there when you start in Pewter City.

Also, I like that you want to make a character that is different from most, having grown up with pokémon and being able to speak with them. That is ok! But I hope that you will reveal his history eventually in the RP :)

However, that last paragraph in the Personality section is very confusing to me. What does the fact that Sabrina can use Psychic have to do with Topaz liking female humans? :s

I would like you to change professor Pine into a character of your own creation, since I have other plans for professor Pine's history.

Also, if you want to start playing in Pewter City but having your character skipping the previous chapters completely, your levels will not be elevated when you begin. You will only have your starter and it will be on lvl 10. So maybe you would rather want to just do like the other new players and pretend to already have gone through Route 2 and Viridian Forest?

I mean, why would he get lost there... he is used to living in the woods and can communicate with pokémon, right? :s

Also, your RP sample did not contain what the instructions said for it to contain. Please read the SU template over again (found in the first post of the OOC) and try to realize what you got wrong. Also, change the part about Pine having been part of Topaz' history like that. Thank you :3

Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
Okay, my SU is complete. :D
Looks great, except for one detail. The same one that several people have missed in their RP samples.

I'm actually surprised people read the instructions so hastily xD Please edit this and you will be accepted very soon.
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