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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    Ok, you may have Servine and Iron tail, but Tropius was not in any of the previous chapters so you cannot have that.
    Please look at the posts for chapter 1 and chapter 2 (can be found in the first post of the IC thread) and see if you want to have caught any of the pokémon there when you start in Pewter City.
    Ok, will a Swablu be acceptable instead?

    Also, I like that you want to make a character that is different from most, having grown up with pokémon and being able to speak with them. That is ok! But I hope that you will reveal his history eventually in the RP :)
    I don't understand what you mean. When was it listed as a secret that he was a wild child? He doesn't have any history aside from being a child raised by Pokemon. And it isn't like he was told to hide this fact from anyone or not.

    However, that last paragraph in the Personality section is very confusing to me. What does the fact that Sabrina can use Psychic have to do with Topaz liking female humans? :s
    No, I said he liked female humans and female Pokemons. I'm implying that Pokemon can breed with humans, and that the reason Sabrina can use Psychic is that someone down her bloodline, someone did it with a psychic type pokemon.

    I would like you to change professor Pine into a character of your own creation, since I have other plans for professor Pine's history.
    I only did Pine because I saw that he was being used in other SUs as i looked around. Can I make it instead that the guy who takes care of Topaz is a rival Prof. who wants to show Pine up by having his own Trainer be the best before any of the others?

    Also, if you want to start playing in Pewter City but having your character skipping the previous chapters completely, your levels will not be elevated when you begin. You will only have your starter and it will be on lvl 10. So maybe you would rather want to just do like the other new players and pretend to already have gone through Route 2 and Viridian Forest?

    I mean, why would he get lost there... he is used to living in the woods and can communicate with pokémon, right? :s
    I only did the travel bit cause I was afraid I would have to write about all the moments between Topz getting his Pokedex and getting to Pewter. I can fix that easily.

    Also, your RP sample did not contain what the instructions said for it to contain. Please read the SU template over again (found in the first post of the OOC) and try to realize what you got wrong. Also, change the part about Pine having been part of Topaz' history like that. Thank you :3
    I don't see anything wrong with my RP sample besides the Pine and the car ride. Could you be more specific about my problems?


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