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    1137: Make all the tv and speakers in the store to play the THX into on loop for a week straight.
    1138: Any time you see somebody pick up an item from the electronics section slap it out of there hands and scream "No! There trying to conquer us and won't succeed!" then proceed to break everything in the electronic section (except anything pokemon related)
    1137: Ask to see the store's manager and when the manager arrives scream "Screw the man!" and throw silly putty in his face.
    1138: Grab all of the 2 liters in the store shake them up and open them(in the electronics section)
    1139: Dress up like Tingle (from LoZ) and run up to anybody with a green hat and say "OMG A fairy! Holy ****!" Then proceed to throw confetti in there face and run away. Repeat.
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