Pokemon: Aqua Blue

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Posted February 14th, 2019
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So I've been pretty busy. I have added all of Gen 7 into the game. It's the same 1040 patch created by Pokefreak890. You can find the credits in on his post (Posted Below), however I have added all of 7th gen, including Alolan pokemon. Obviously not all moves are in, so they are replaced with pound, but every pokemon has the correct amount of moves. Abilities that are not in are left blank. TMs are not finished. Habitats and egg moves are not either. Evolutions are in, stats are in, etc etc. I have also updated previous sprites and added shadows below pokemon that should be hovering, etc. I'm pretty sure I included a hex hack that would allow evolution to work as well.

(To rephrase, everything is in that I possibly could put in. All of their moves are not pound lol. Just the ones that haven't been created. Moves from 7th gen).

Enjoy guys. I'll be updating this a bit, but it's basically done. (a lot of pokemon icons aren't finished)


Actually I just confirmed, I forgot to add the hex hack to this so it would allow these pokemon to evolve without a national dex. If anyone could link that to me, I would appreciate it. Forgot where I saw it.

Link to Pokefreak890's thread:

Link to Sprites I used:
Turtonator Sprites, as well as a few others done by Leparagon