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Just finished the Canalave gym, It was a hard battle with Infernape and Gliscor putting up a lot of effort and getting the job done!

Here is my team after the gym:

Modest Nature. Level 36.
Frenzy Plant.
Rock Climb.

Mild Nature. Level 37.
Close Combat.
Blaze Kick.
Fire Punch.

Brave Nature. Level 34.
Close Combat.
Sky Attack.
Aerial Ace.

Naughty Nature. Level 34.
Draco Meteor.
Dragon Claw.
Giga Impact.

Hardy Nature. Level 34.
Hydro Pump.
Ice Punch.

Sassy Nature. Level 36.
Fire Fang.
Stone edge.
Swords Dance.

Feel free to post suggestions on my teams moves and my actual line up! :D