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Originally Posted by Zerrah. View Post
I decided that I really wanted to play through my Firered game, but I didn't want to end with the same team that I always find myself making in 1st gen. So, since I like never start with Squirtle, I was going to do a Blue run through. So after naming myself Maximum, and a lot of hard work, I'm on my way to Lt. Surge's with a team of:

Cannon LV22 (male)
~Tail Whip
~Water Gun

Aphrodite LV22 (female)
~Body Slam
~Double Kick

Roku LV21 (male)
~Wing Attack

Derpy LV14 (male)
~Sweet Scent
Arcanine - Flamethrower, Extremespeed, Aerial Ace, (If Female:) Attract or (If Male:) Double Team.

Raichu - Thunder, Thunderbolt, Dig, Hyper Beam or Iron Tail .

Nidoqueen - Horn Drill, Megahorn, Earthquake, Brick break.

Blastoise - Ice Beam, Surf, Skull Bash, Hydro Pump or Protect.

Exeggutor - Egg Bomb, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Pyschic.

Pidgeot - Aerial Ace, Fly, Wing attack, Mirror Move or Featherdance.

This would be a great team for you to have.


Just finished the Sunyshore city gym, Torterra did well up until Luxray and an ice fang just destroyed him! But I managed to take the rest of his team out pretty easily.

Here is my team after the gym:

Overgrow. Level 47.
Energy Ball.
Rock Climb.

Blaze. Level 44.
Close Combat.
Blaze Kick.
Fire Punch.

Intimidate. Level 42.
Close Combat.
Sky Attack.
Aerial Ace.

Sand Veil. Level 42.
Draco Meteor.
Dragon Claw.
Swords Dance.
Brick Break.

Swift Swim. Level 42.
Hydro Pump.
Rock Smash.

Sand Veil. Level 43.
Fire Fang.
Stone edge.

Feel free to post suggestions on my teams moves and my actual line up! :D