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    Originally Posted by ryan301192 View Post
    Hi i have created my map but when i try to import it into UNLZ GBA i get an error message saying 'Error, image not indexed.'
    What do i do??

    first make a back up just in case because you never know what will happen open up irfan veiw and go to decrease color depth to 16 and save it (but keep the oldder pic) and insert that in to unlz and use the old pic in ntme if the map gets screwed up after you did everything mack a new raw but using the pic with the 16 color depth, saddly this will make some parts of the map look blocky but thats how you do it ^_^ when you are done the pallet wont look like it should.... im still working on that one so you will need to ask some one eles ^_^
    want to help with forbidden version? or want more details about it? pm me or contact me at [email protected]
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