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    Mina Avery

    Mina's eyes glowed with excitement as the boat docked at Thayla Island, and she waited eagerly for the moment when she would be able to set foot on solid ground. "We're finally here, Fire!" she giggled eagerly to the large Charizard standing next to her. Feeling its trainer's excitement, the draconic Pokemon let out a loud roar that caused anyone around to cringe and cover their ears, causing Mina to laugh even more.

    A few minutes later, they were walking away Island Admission, Mina holding the leather booklet that contained all of the information she would need for the Grand Tournament. "I wonder wonder who our partner is...," she muttered to herself, flipping through the booklet until she came to the page that contained her partner's information. "Salem, huh?" She studied it for a moment then pushed it right in front of Fire's face, causing the Charizard to reel back in surprise. "What do you think?" the girl asked, Fire merely huffing and turning his head away. "Oh come on, I'm sure he'll be a great partner." She abruptly stopped walking, brightening up suddenly. "Oh! That must be the Dialga House!" Mina took off running for the blue building, not noticing the exasperated look her Pokemon gave her as it followed behind her at a slower pace.

    By the time Fire caught up to her, Mina was standing in the middle of their room, staring around at it with bright eyes. "I love it!" she squealed, her Charizard wincing at the high pitched tone. She dumped her bag on the floor before flopping out on one of the plush blue beds, letting herself sink into the soft cushions. Fire let out a small growl, standing over her with his arms crossed. "Oh, relax. I wanna stay here so we can meet our partner," Mina huffed. She bounced up off the bed and twirled around to get another look at the room. Fire gave her another exasperated look, giving up on his crazed trainer and standing by to make sure she didn't hurt herself as she explored every bit of the living quarters.
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