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    Day 1 – Jess’s Arrival

    With Blade at her side on the boat, Jess slowly made her way down onto the island, the Infernape looking at up the manuals and important items she received while on the boat. She scanned the few items on the list, including where she was going to stay. Looks like she was staying in the Creation House with someone named Kirkland Lawrence. The color seemed to drain from her face. “Oh, I hope this isn’t a guy,” Jess said, holding the document out to Blade.

    The Infernape took look at it before jumping back, launching punches at the air. Jess got the message right away, and she laughed with a grin. “Yep, you’ll take care of him if he tries anything. Come on.” She gestured for Blade to follow and the energetic Pokemon did. The two were allowed quick access when Rayne showed her ID card, and she went down to her assigned room.

    It was beautiful – two huge platform beds along with drapes of many different colors – colors that adorned all the different types of Pokemon. It didn’t surprise her since Arceus, the Pokemon of the Creation House, could be any type that it wanted to be. Jess chose her bed – the one closest the bed and close to the windows too. Just a beautiful sight.

    “Blade, make sure nothing catches fire,” Jess choked and her Pokemon snorted, taking a seat on the floor besides the bed. Jess only fell back on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. She knew she couldn’t call her other partners out, but soon enough she would.

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