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    "Oh, you must be Malik, I saw your picture in the contest guide we were handed! I see you found the room then; my name's Ryudo -it's a pleasure to meet you. Sorry, please forgive my rudeness. As I said, I'm Ryudo, pleased to meet you. I'm 19 and from Snowpoint City in Sinnoh, ever heard of it? It's this quiet city atop a large mountain surrounded by thick forests and numerous caves, and its constantly covered in snow; it's quite beautiful, especially in the Winter. Ahem, anyway. I've spent the past 10 years of my life as an adventurer throughout the lands of Sinnoh and Unova. I've met countless people and Pokémon along the way, all of whom I challenged and defeated with ease, and I've even won several big tournaments in the past. Here, meet my Pokémon -Bronzong and Garbodor."

    ...Oh... My...ARCEUS!! This kid talks ten miles a second! Malik said to himself as he'd formed an opinion of his new partner. Malik didn't even smoke and being in conversation with the younger child was definitely making him crave a stroke or two.

    ...And just who is he trying to fool with that whole 'I won a million tournaments', bit? he was half-tempted to call him on it, but for the life of him, Malik couldn't get a word in edgewise.

    And why wouldn't this kid let go of his hand? They'd been shaking hands since they'd met, with Ryudo goin on about nothing for what seemed like hours. His Pokemon looked decent enough, but that weird Bronzong thing unnerved him, he couldn't place why though.

    "Oh, and here's Emolga." Ryudo said as he turned and revealed a sleeping ... flying rat?

    "Me and Emolga here have been partners since the very beginning; ever since one terrifying night in a forest being chased by wild- Ahem, being chased by a whole herd of wild raging Tauros, accompanied by Skarmory launching an arial assult, and there was even a Moltres at one point! Then Emolga here only had to let out one tiny spark, and it was so strong that all the Pokémon runnin away crying!" Ryudo finished, thinking that he'd finally come up with a pretty convincing lie... STORY! ... Yeah, that's what he meant ...

    Malik, finally realizing that Ryudo had turnt back around to see if he was listening, frantically scrambled for something to say, as to not be extremely rude.

    "...Uh... hey, kid. Wanna battle?" He asked with a shrug that could be read as 'better that than nothing'...
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