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    Amaterasu Aoi

    This girl was so timid, but Amaterasu knew better than to judge a book by its cover. After all, Eria wouldn't be here if she hadn't already been an accomplished Pokemon Trainer despite her skittish nature and odd manner of dress. If anything, she appeared as a performer of some sort, though the way she spoke was hardly befitting of someone who worked with the public in any way.

    The girl's answers continued to suggest that she wasn't as concerened for the paranormal as Amaterasu had hoped. Perhaps it was just the shyness that made her retreat back into the hall so suddenly. The miko sighed, but there was nothing to worry about. She'd be allowed to go about her business as usual, but at the same time she didn't want to upset Eria any more than she already had.

    Fortunately, the girl seemed to be rather forgiving, accepting Amaterasu's offer to come inside and make herself comfortable. Recca was still watching the show on television and didn't pay Eria much attention. Amaterasu narrowed her eyes at the Pokemon, picking up the remote control and turning off the power. "Be polite and introduce yourself," she spoke bluntly. The fox Pokemon growled in annoyance but nonetheless got up, standing at her Trainer's side. "She'll be fine in battle, no worries."

    Eria began going through her belongings, taking some medicine before continuing. Amaterasu was a bit curious of what she was taking, but it wasn't exactly her business. If her partner wanted to talk about it later, then she would do so on her own accord. Besides, her partner's medications weren't going to make a difference in the battles ahead. Amaterasu was confident in the abilities of her own Pokemon, as well as the spirits who had guided her here. As long as Eria was a talented Trainer in her own right, victory was within grasp and the world would be safe.

    Eria released one of her own Pokemon- a Blaziken, intrigued by Amaterasu's Ninetales. Recca had little interest in the avian Pokemon because she wanted to get back to watching television, but she knew she'd be working with it sooner or later. Giving a soft "Niiine," she stood up straight and proper, doing her best to make a good first impression despite her lack of interest.

    "Looks like you've trained your Blaziken well," Amaterasu answered with a stern but friendly smile. "We should perform well together. I'll be counting on you both, Eria and Blaziken..... and you Recca to give it your all." The Ninetales finalyl gave an engaging look to her owner, responding with a confidant nod. She would confirm her interest in battling, but immediately after returned to the sofa. Turning the television back on with her paw, she resumed watching.
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