Thread: 3rd Gen What's your Pokémon team?
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    FireRed/LeafGreen team:
    -Charizard lvl.76 @Charcoal
    -Dragonite lvl.75 @Dragon Fang
    -Lapras lvl.78 @Mystic Water
    -Alakazam lvl.76 @Sitrus Berry
    -Tyranitar lvl.72 @Hard Rock or Black Glasses (sometimes one, sometimes the other)
    -Raichu lvl.79 @Magnet

    E/R/S team:
    -Swampert lvl.82 @Mystic Water
    -Gardevoir lvl.80 @Twisted Spoon
    -Flygon lvl.82 @Sitrus Berry
    -Manectric lvl.83 @Magnet
    -Camerupt lvl.81 @Charcoal
    -Sceptile lvl.79 @Miracle Seed (traded with a friend irl hehe)

    and thats it, my FR/LG would kick my E/R/S team ass :(

    CHILE <3 <3
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