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Since Monday I went to route 3-4 and worked hard to get a chain of about 31 sandshrew to try and get my first shiny in this game. I've got like 4 gym badges and no shiny charm so money is tight and my odds were only enhanced by the lures. After three days in a row of grinding and ending up with a chain of 300-400 and probably encountering about 2000 sandshrew (doubt it's even an exaggeration) I gave up, went to viridian forest with my chain and immediately found a shiny weedle with rubbish IVs.. then i saved the game as I hadn't been able to for 3 days at fear of breaking my chain.

Today I decided to return back to route 3-4, sandshrew are now a guaranteed catch as I've got so many of them so getting a 31 chain was rapid, however I decided to change my approach slightly this time.

Before I was just running back and fourth between the two patches in order to respawn the 6 Pokémon in each patch, but this time I decided to spawn both patches then run into to the Pokémon centre and repeat.. in my desperate search to understand what I was doing wrong I saw several videos where people claimed leaving the area and re-entering improved odds. It's a bit of a run up and down to the Pokémon centre on route 4 so I avoided this previously as lures are expensive. After 20 minutes of doing this I finally got a shiny sandshrew, I already knew it had impish nature as I'd set this in celadon, but when I saw the IVs were all 'best' I was genuinely confused as I couldn't believe it. I've got a quite a few perfect IVs in my box as I've caught so many, but to get it on a shiny is just unreal...has the game rewarded me?
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