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Omg you guys! That's so inspiring to hear! I'd like to get to that point too, but I'm really not there currently... I'd never dare to show unshaved legs in public, and I feel like I look lacklustre and weak without makeup, not to mention I have some problematic skin still ): baw. Maybe I can take it one step at a time.
This might make it less inspiring than Syd but for me it's partially self-confidence and a different mentality but im ngl, it's also partially vanity - I got really into skincare and k-beauty this year and after a while I'm just like "hey wait my skin actually looks better without foundation, I don't need this". So there's still a focus on appearance but in focusing on the skin under the makeup, that in turn made me literally more confident in my own skin.

But like Syd, I still really enjoy makeup and I have a lot of fun with it, it's just not the same mentality I had when I was younger of "I need to wear this to leave the house" because I was more insecure, but I liken it more to wearing a nice outfit nowadays - it's something that enhances me but isn't me. And I lost sight of that for a long time, like I had been wearing eyeliner daily since I was 13 and I pretty much convinced myself it was a part of my face lol, I didn't feel like me if I didn't wear it. It is really silly looking back now but I used to do my makeup even if I'm just going to be home because I didn't like looking in the mirror and seeing the me without makeup on. So it's been very liberating knowing how far I've come with that. Not to mention all the makeup and money I am saving now, haha.

I still feel prettier with makeup, but I am not going to let that make me feel bad about myself when I'm not wearing makeup.