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my boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship but we've met multiple times so i'll answer this to the best of my ability.

How do you show them they are wanted? i'm..not sure. i do lots of little things for my boyfriend, like cleaning up after him (because i enjoy it), helping him through mental health issues and just always being super loving and affectionate to him. i definitely think my boyfriend knows he's wanted and loved, even if sometimes his mental illness might tell him otherwise.

What are the little things that you appreciate? god i appreciate him just like, being there for me through my horrible depressive episodes and listening to me vent about my family issues and when he calls me petnames like honey or darling or baby boy. the last relationship i was in was not very great, so even the littlest things Caleb does means the world to me. i appreciate him not judging me for any healthy coping mechanisms i have, as odd as some of them may be. i just appreciate him in general immensely and i am so very blessed to have him in my life.
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