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What do you do to keep things interesting with your significant other
traveling together and experiencing new things with each other. i wouldn't say the two are necessarily mutually exclusive, as the latter could simply be going to a new restaurant or w/e. we don't get to travel with each other that much due to scheduling conflicts (I work 8AM - 5PM Mon - Fri; he works Weds - Sund 3PM - 11PM), but when we do it's definitely nice.
How do you show them they are wanted?
oh, you know, the little things. we tell each other we love each other, and that we appreciate each other every once in a while.

i also try to show it in more subtle ways, such as by serenading him whenever we drive places, always driving whenever we go places (he hates to drive even more than i do), or taking care of him when he's had too much to drink.
What are the little things that you appreciate?
one of the first things i really liked about him is that he watches everything with subtitles. on our first date, i asked if we could turn subtitles on for a movie, and he was mega relieved because most people he knows hate watching stuff with subtitles for some reason.

i love how nice he is to everyone, and that we have a similar sense of humor. i also love that, at times, he will sing along with me. he also loves our cats just as much as i do, and loves to dote on them as much as i do if not more. ( them more souvenirs than anyone else from his recent trip to Japan).

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