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Favorite Pokémon Type Competition
~ Final Round ~

Hey there everyone, and welcome back for round 4, and the finals of the Favorite Pokémon Type Competition!

After a lot of back and forth earlier on last week, we've been left with just 2 final types up for contention as your favorite- Dark and Ice types! Electric came in at 3rd place, though it was leading earlier on the week, but that's why every vote counts! Grass, Ghost, and Dragon types put up a good showing too, making all the way up to the penultimate poll.

Unlike like past weeks, you are limited to just a single vote this time around, since there are only two options. And while I don't expect it, if there happens to be a tie at the end of the week, we'll refer to the voting of the previous rounds to determine who the winner will be.

Happy voting everyone, and best of luck to the two remaining types on becoming the champion!