Waiting for Gen 4 Remakes

Seen August 23rd, 2018
Posted July 17th, 2017
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Ryousha, I hope u finish this, cause the tiles and OW r awesome! XD
Not because of that, because I've yet to see a finished hack by u. ;)
Hey, since ur such a Blue fanbot, why doesn't the heroine be Blue? ;)
Except, in the style Wally is in. ;)
xD, thats because shes hot, and cute, and devious <3.
This Is Something I Can't Wait To Play. Im Glad Youre Back Hacking. Good Luck
Well, thanks. :D
Wow thats nice,. go go Horizon!
Thanks, though does anyone know how to make me a userbar(userbarmaker.com sucks.)?

btw, the thread was closed by blazichu by accident :\.