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My cousin and I have recently become interested in playing hacked Pokémon games on our computers, and we have decided to make our own, we have big plans for this Hack, and we hope you will enjoy it.

Hack of FireRed

You are the Son of Ash and Misty Ketchum Pokémon Master and Former Cerulean Gym Leader, Respectively. On your tenth birthday, your dad gives you a pikachu. it is the offspring of the pikachu that your dad received when he was ten from the late Professor Oak. you set out from pallet town onto route 1 and meet your rival...


Redone Maps
Start with Pikachu
Catch all Legendaries up to the Hoenn Dex (not in cheap ways though, they will all be pretty well hidden)
Ginormous New storyline
New Gym leaders
Hidden Area(s), where secret Battle(s) takes place... hmm
New Charactera
New Elite Four
New Hall of Fame building in Pallet Town Pewter City
Pokémon Breeder in Pallet Town
More People who want to trade in-game


Male Hero:

made by EvanMiesterX, edited by Ganrither

Female Hero:

Made By Lornami
Male Rival:

Made By Lornami

Female Rival:

Made by me, overhauled by Ganrither

Other Characters:
Cerulean Gym Leaders (your twin cousins):

Made by me, slightly changed by Ganrither

"Old" Giovanni:

made by my cousin and i

you may recognize this one if you play a certain video game:

Guitar hero:

Made by me

Light ho-oh:

Made by me

Dark Lugia:

better sprite soon to come from Blaster911

Pallet Town:

Route 1:

Pewter City:

Team Members:
Chris (Nerdyman2) and Matt(MattMed23809) - Founders, mappers, and scripters
Lornami - Head Spriter
EvanMiesterX - Spriting
(Help Wanted)- Overworld Spriter